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NDSP Plan Managers is a compassionate organisation made up of knowledgeable stakeholders committed to providing an innovative plan management service within a fun and trustworthy environment.

NDSP Plan Managers
is a NDIS registered
provider, specialising
in Plan Management.

We are here to manage your NDIS funds on your behalf. Our experienced staff are highly skilled and ready to help you!

Our Plan Management expertise allows you …

We give you the freedom to focus on achieving your goals.

We are a nationally registered NDIS provider

How does the NDIS work?

We’re for Participants

Our role as your Plan Manager is to assist you by paying your supports to providers from your NDIS funds. NDSP Plan Managers is here to make your life easier.

We’re for Support Coordinators

We take pride in delivering Plan Management services to your clients and supporting your role by providing up-to-date details regarding your client’s funds.

From everyone at NDSP, we wish you and your family a safe and joyful Easter break! 🐰

Please note that our offices will be closed on both Good Friday and Easter Monday and will be open again on Tuesday, the 2nd of April.

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🌟On this International Wheelchair Day (March 1st), let`s pause to honour the experiences of wheelchair users and the significant role wheelchairs play in enhancing their lives. It is a time to express gratitude to the global community of innovators driving forward wheelchair technology and to recognise those that provide invaluable support tp wheelchair users worldwide.

In honour of International Wheelchair Day, let`s take a look at the history of one of the most crucial mobility devices: the wheelchair! From ancient China to modern innovations, here`s a brief journey through time:

- 6th century AD: Early evidence suggests the use of wheelchair-type furniture in Ancient China and Greece.

- 1595: King Philip of Spain receives an elaborate wheelchair with plush upholstery and four small wheels.

- 1655: Stephan Farfler invents the first self-propelled wheelchair, driven by handles attached to a geared front wheel.

- 18th century: The Bath Chair becomes popular in spa towns like Bath, England, offering mobility for the sick and disabled.

- 1930s: Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest develop the `X-frame` folding wheelchair, revolutionising accessibility.

- 1950s: Lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium are introduced, making wheelchairs more maneuverable.

- 1990s: Specialised sports wheelchairs, like the `Shadow Racer,` are designed for track and road racing.

- Today: Wheelchairs are recognised as a basic human right by the World Health Organisation, empowering individuals worldwide.

Learn more about International Wheelchair Day here: https://internationalwheelchairday.wordpress.com/

(Information source: https://blog.sciencemuseum.org.uk/history-of-the-wheelchair/) #InternationalWheelchairDay

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This weekend we`ll be attending Source Kids Disability Expo at the Adelaide Convention Centre this weekend (2nd and 3rd of March). You can come and see our friendly team at booth B.13 all day.

You can find more details on the Source Kids website.

#NDIS #NDISExpo #DisabilityExpo

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Just 200 days left until the Paris Paralympics! Join us in celebrating the power of para-sport to change the world.
Did you know 1 in 4 people with a disability play sports, but 3 in 4 want to? It`s time to make those dreams a reality.

NDSP is proud to stand alongside @ausparalympics and these extraordinary athletes. As the excitement builds for the games, let`s dare to dream big and imagine what we can do.

Support our Australian team, and learn more at: https://www.paralympic.org.au/

#ImagineWhatWeCanDo #Paris2024 #AusParalympics

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Today we farewell our Head Office in Wayville after years.
To accommodate growing business demands, from the 16th of February we`ll be located on King William St.

This move won`t have any impact on our phone or email services.

#NDIS #NDISPlanManagement #NewHome

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We’ll be closed on Friday the 26th of January and will be open again on Monday the 29th of January.

#NDIS #PublicHoliday #NDISPlanManagement

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Being self-managed or plan managed gives you the freedom to use both NDIS registered and non-registered providers. This means having the freedom to hire any self-employed or independent support worker with an ABN!

You can learn more about how hiring your own support staff can help you find the best fit for your circumstances and needs on our blog.

#NDISPlanManagement #NDIS #NDISSupportWorkers #SupportWorkers

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