Same But Different

Disability in Art is Changing Perceptions Everywhere

Ceridwen Hughes, a photographer from North Wales, wants the world to view disabilities differently. In an effort to change people’s perspectives, she created a visual project called “We Can…” that focuses on what people with disabilities can do, rather than what they cannot.

The artist has not only created beautiful visual works, but great profiles on a number of her subjects that you can dive right into: https://www.samebutdifferentcic.org.uk/we-can

As you can see, Ceridwen Hughes’ art is featured as part of Same But Different, a not-for-profit organisation

“which uses the arts for positive social change by working in partnership with organisations, communities and individuals to highlight inequalities and bring communities closer together.

We create thought-provoking art projects that stimulate conversation, change attitudes and empower those affected.” 

So if you dig a little further beyond the We Can piece, you’ll find a plethora of incredible profiles, visual delights and beautifully made stories that do exactly what the statement above says.

We particularly enjoyed perusing the “Rare Gallery”, a portal to a beautiful set of stories relating to individuals and their own stories of rare disease. You’d be excused for spending hours getting to know each subject, so for sanity sake, we suggest you bookmark the gallery and head back regularly to meet someone new.

It’s easy to see why Same But Different has been featured around the world for their variety and incredible body of work.

It’s worth highlighting here that you too can be a part of the Same But Different story by sending them a little bit about yourself and your experience with a rare disease if you have one via their contact form.

But that’s not all – their ongoing “Gallery of Hope” is a public, curated exhibition that celebrates and promotes the hope that exists for individuals and families with rare diseases. It offers the opportunity to share an image that could make you part of the exhibition. The entry page states:

“To counter the negative imagery that is all too common, our aim is to celebrate the people behind their conditions and show to the general public and to anyone who is newly diagnosed that hope exists beyond the disease.”

The depth of what Same But Different do is almost hard to believe, but we sure do enjoy it and we hope you do to.

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