Disabled Surfers Association

Disabled Surfers Association Produces Non-Stop Smiles

The video above speaks volumes for the work The Disabled Surfers Association do for their community…

This collection of volunteers creates a branches around the country (see below) that bring smiles to disabled surfers and volunteers like you’ve never seen before…

Here’s a little about The Disabled Surfers Association:

The Disabled Surfers Association was established in 1986 by Gary Blaschke after a motorcycle accident which he lost his knee cap and under went extensive rehabilitation.

Gary saw a void that needed to be filled as over the years, many surfers with disabilities have unfortunately, been loners with no one to help them get back into the water.

Many suffer from disabilities that the general public would not consider a disability.

From asthmatics to joint injuries to paraplegic, many members have found friendship, support and have renewed their interest in surfing.

Gary’s vision quickly extended to all classes of disabilities, as it is today. A total voluntary organisation, which sets world’s best practice for Disabled Surfers.

Each DSA branch hold local “Let’s Go Surfing!” days through the warmer months of the year, dates of which are always available on their websites, so be sure to give them a follow on social media or check their site disabledsurfers.org so you can fill your calendar with days that will bring delight, whether you’re turning up as a surfer or a volunteer to spread the joy.

As well as being part of the DSA, you can donate – head to their website: disabledsurfers.org and select the branch you wish to contribute to.


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