If there’s one thing we’ve all done a fair bit more of so far in this strange year of isolation lockdown and social distancing, it’s been spending time with our various devices: phones, laptops, iPads, computers, gaming consoles, TVs and what have you.

Anything with a screen is fair game.

Last Tuesday, your blog writer stared at the flyscreen on the laundry door for 10 minutes, just to mix things up, before returning to YouTube.

Now, speaking of YouTube, although we’re sure several of you out there in our fine NDIA community may have seen one or more of the following clips, we nonetheless recommend these as worth your time!

In these three videos, each presenter approaches the subject of their disability with candour and humour, while at the same time presenting exactly the kind of insights that we all believe the world would do well to hear.


First up, Zach Anner lists ten things everyone should know about Cerebral Palsy, and uses his breezy comedic delivery and laser-sharp intelligence to make some fantastic points. Watching Zach tell it like it is makes it clear why he has 377K subscribers to his YouTube channel.

(3:22 minutes)


The second clip dives in a bit deeper. Most of us are familiar with Dylan Alcott as the universally adored, charismatic commentator and Dual Paralympic Champion (Basketball and Tennis), but Dyl wasn’t always so self assured. In this beautifully delivered TEDx talk, Dylan takes us through some of the defining moments he experienced as a young teenager, how they shaped his attitude to life today. Those moments Illustrate how completely vital it is that the language and conversation about disability continues to evolve and be held up to the brightest and most realistic of lights.

(11:25 minutes)


And finally, introducing the wonderful Jordan Bone. Jordan became tetraplegic in a car accident a decade ago, and creates videos on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and positivity on her popular YouTube channel, using makeup as a way to express herself. In this viral clip titled “My Beautiful Struggle” (six million views and counting) , Jordan shares her story and the challenges she’s overcome, all while demonstrating her peerless makeup technique – developed and customised over the years around her fisted hands. Jordan is a classic example of the power of positivity and persistence.

(5:34 minutes)

Or check out her channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq9PmMr98XK_3T_OCpCMjgg


And finally, if you’ve got any YouTube recommendations for us here at NDSP, comment below!

*Oh and extra Pop Culture points if you can name the band and song this title refers to!


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