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IFly is a global phenomenon that looks like it recreates the feeling of skydiving but only indoors, above a giant fan contained within some large safety nets. Their FAQs state that unlike skydiving, there’s no jumping or falling. Instead, you gently fly as a cushion of controlled air elevates your body. From watching their videos, it’s incredibly fun. But did you know IFly is accessible to many people with disabilities?

Here’s a fun clip from International Day of People with a Disability to illustrate just how cool this activity is:

IFly holds events called “All Abilities Nights” (for all ages too!). They hold these events at various times across their five locations (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney).

These events are regularly held every last Thursday of the month. At the moment, their events in the Gold Coast are scheduled until November 2021. Follow their Facebook page to get more details about these events. Watch their videos on Facebook to start getting pumped up.

Other locations also hold All Ability Nights, so head to their website for more details and to learn how to book at your nearest iFly.

In iFly’s website, they shared:

“We believe that regardless of physical or cognitive challenges, everyone should be given the opportunity to spread their wings. Anyone who comes to fly at iFLY and expresses a desire for assistance will be helped by specially trained flight instructors and will be afforded proper accommodations based on specific challenges.”

IFly also offers a Virtual Reality (VR) program where a VR Flight takes participants to various locations around the world like the Alps and even Hawaii by way of a VR headset.

We’d recommend giving it a go – we’d love to see your video if you do!

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