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Want To Get Involved in a Sport?

You may be thinking about taking up a team or individual sport but aren’t sure where to start, well there’s a ripper resource that might just be what you’re looking for called Disability Sports Australia!

When you head to their website (https://www.sports.org.au), you’re struck immediately with a potent message:

“Changing Lives Through Sport

Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is Australia’s peak national body representing athletes with a physical disability. DSA aims to get more Australian’s with a disability, more active, more often!”

Alongside epic imagery of sporting teams doing what they do, you immediately get the sense that DSA is something special. Creating community and participation across sporting codes that really does inspire you to get involved.

Before we get to participation, it’s important to note the DSA website gives opportunities to volunteers, coaches and investors to be a part of the Disability Sports in Australia – truly an all-encompassing resources that really cares for the codes it promotes.

Ok, just so we’re not focussing completely on how good the DSA is, we dug a little and found this is THE platform to gawk at if you’re considering finding a sport that suits you. With over 30 immediately listed, incredibly varied sporting codes, you can click further into a code to find a helpful pile of content like a rulebook, rough descriptions of who can play and how to get classified under the code. The important bit; there’s links to local (mostly state based) organisations to contact that will inevitably put a ball in your hands so to speak.

Take Wheelchair Rugby for example:

A growing sport no-doubt, with governing bodies in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD and the ACT as well as the overarching body, Wheelchair Rugby Australia. What’s great is there’s phone numbers, email addresses and website listed for each.

Righteo, is it time for some entertainment to get the blood pumping? Have a look at the introduction to Wheelchair Rugby video:

Reckon you’re ready to get involved in a sport? Head to Disability Sports Australia and see what looks good to you.

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