A Guide to NDIS Management: All Your Questions Answered

A Guide to NDIS Management: All Your Questions Answered

The main aim of NDIS is to enable people with permanent disabilities achieve their life goals. Like anything related to finance and government agencies, NDIS Management can be challenging. That is why, it is more convenient to hire professional NDIS Management.

With the right NDIS Management, you will be able to take full advantage of this program. A professional NDIS Management has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate smoothly through your plan.

Here is all your need to know about NDIS Management:

What Is NDIS Management?

One of the options of managing your NDIS Plan is hiring a professional NDIS Management service. Any NDIS Management provider must be registered. With NDIS Management, you will have the choice and control of self-management, without the hassle.

Your NDIS Management service will assist you in handling your funds. They will take over all the administrative hassle and paperwork of your plan. You can think of them as your accountants or bookkeepers.

Who Pays the Fees of NDIS Plan Management?

Any participant has the right to hire an NDIS Management service. All you need to do is choose to add NDIS Management to your plan. This way, you will get extra funds in your plan to cover the cost of your NDIS Management. There are no out of pocket expenses for you.

What To Expect From Your NDIS Management?

In general, your NDIS Management provider should help you make the most of your plan. Any NDIS Management is required to provide you with regular statements and reports to help you track your budget. However, they are not allowed to deny you from using a certain service.

It is also not in the scope of NDIS Management to determine whether a service is ‘reasonable and necessary’. They are not also responsible for connecting you with other service providers. It is not the NDIS Management job to manage your schedule and appointments.

What Are the Benefits of NDIS Plan Management?

With the right NDIS Management, you can make the most of your funds. You will learn how to best manage your NDIS plan. All your NDIS related invoices can go directly to your NDIS Management. They will process the payments to your service providers and make the claims on your behalf. This will leave you with more time and effort to focus on your life goals. Working with an NDIS Management will expand your choices in service providers. You can access services from both registered and non-registered providers.

NDSP Plan Managers is an NDIS registered provider. We specialise in NDIS Management. Our experienced NDIS staff are highly skilled. They will help you get the most of your NDIS plan. With us, you can rest assured all your service providers will be paid in 3-5 business days. Our Plan Management Portal, NAPPA, will provide you with real-time budget access. This will help you track your budget anytime, anywhere.

Get more out of your NDIS plan. Contact us now!

NDSP Plan Managers is a NDIS-registered provider specialising in NDIS plan management. If you are a NDIS participant looking for the right plan manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.



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