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Am I Eligible for NDIS Plan Management?

Many people have a common misconception that plan management is not available for all NDIS participants. Some also think that NDIS plan management is a service you will have to pay for with your own money. All this is far from true.

Any NDIS participant is eligible for plan management at no additional cost for them. In other words, to be eligible for NDIS plan management, you should first qualify for NDIS support. Here is more about NDIS plan management:

Are You Eligible for NDIS Support?

 To become an NDIS plan participant, you should meet a few criteria. In general, you must be under sixty-five years old. In addition, you must either live in Australia and be an Australian citizen or hold relevant visas.

The NDIS plan program is designed to support people with significant disabilities. Your disability must be permanent to become an NDIS plan participant. In addition, it must impact your daily life and require life-long assistance.

If you meet all these criteria, you can become an NDIS plan participant and be eligible to request an NDIS plan management service.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

 The main goal of an NDIS plan is to support you and help you reach your life goals. However, trying to manage your NDIS plan yourself can become an overwhelming task. That is why many prefer hiring a professional NDIS plan management service.

Any plan management provider should be registered with the NDIS. Their main job is to provide you with the needed support to manage your NDIS plan. Your NDIS plan management should handle all the administrative work and pay your service providers on your behalf.

With the correct NDIS plan management, you will get the most out of your funding. To get NDIS plan management, you should ask for it at your NDIS planning meeting. It is your right. This way, the NDIS plan management fees will be added to your funding.

For you, NDIS plan management will cost nothing. It will be fully funded by the NDIS.

Why Get NDIS Plan Management?

 Many participants prefer getting NDIS plan management. It helps them focus on their goals and leave all the administrative and financial hassle behind. In addition, a good NDIS plan management provider will pay your providers quickly on your behalf.

They will have the financial and NDIS plan management skills to make the most of your funding. With an NDIS plan management, you can hire both registered and unregistered service providers.

At NDSP Plan Managers, we are an NDIS registered provider. We specialize in NDIS plan management. Our NDIS plan management staff are highly skilled and experienced. They will efficiently manage your payments, claims, and the administration of your NDIS plan.

With us, you can rest assured all your provider invoices will be paid in three to five business days. In addition, you can benefit from our NDIS plan management expertise even from before your planning meeting.

Get the NDIS plan management support you need. Contact us now!