Benefits of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) And What Makes a Good SDA Provider?

Benefits of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) And What Makes a Good SDA Provider?

A suitable housing arrangement accompanied by constant care is imperative to take care of a loved one. Getting your loved ones, the care they need from home can be hard, especially for people with special needs. This is where the Specialist Disability Accommodation (or SDA) comes in.

But how does it help exactly?

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation

The SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) is a model of housing created for individuals with, functional impairment or higher support requirements. SDA houses have accessible features to help residents live independently and allow for other support to be offered in a better and safer way. People who qualify for SDA include:

  • Those with functional impairment and high support requirements
  • Those who meet the NDIS funding criteria and SDA needs requirements.

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation helps participants access high quality, modern, accessible, thoughtful, and well-designed housing. This funding is remitted directly to SDA providers to pay for building and maintenance costs. All participants will only need to pay reasonable rent and meet basic daily living expenses like electricity bills.

However, some members may be able to apply for their NDIS funding to cater for the NDIS specialist disability accommodation costs, which can be discussed with the NDIS provider’s coordinator.

Benefits of SDA accommodation

Specialised accommodation comes with numerous benefits. They include:

  • A Stress-free routine

SDA housing is designed to meet the unique needs, conditions, and preferences of each and every participant. Family and friends can also rest easy knowing they will get the right medical attention and care.

  • Independence of the participants and family members

SDA gives the opportunity to people to gain independence through the completion of simple tasks and helps them take charge of their lives with SDA housing and be independent. These can include, doing your own chores at home, engaging in the things you like, and socialising with who you want.

  • A chain of support

Group Homes through SDA accommodation offers a lot of mutual support to participants as well. By living together, people can know what others are going through and assist.

This helps build a sound support system and lessen feelings of loneliness by connecting people.

  • Access to extra support and services

An SDA accommodation will be tailored and designed to be more usable and accessible with SDA funding. Some features of these homes are:

  • They are a space that allows for line-of-sight support
  • Have sensory responsive lighting
  • Come with adapted and adaptable design
  • Different features support different physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities
  • There are personalised support options to meet your unique needs

What does Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) look like?

As an NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation participant, you can select from various SDA accommodation options. They include:

  • Group homes: they have 6-8 residents living together at the same time and offer 24/7 care to all NDIS participants
  • Shared living accommodation: any NDIS participant who wants to live independently can choose shared accommodation. However, they will get help with things such as cooking and cleaning. They’ll have a private room and share communal places such as the living room and kitchen.
  • Residential aged care facility: this is for any NDIS participant over 65 years. It comprises a blend of nursing, residential, and dementia care.

What to look for in an SDA provider?

When looking for a good SDA provider, there are some things you should consider.

  • A fully registered NDIS provider should own property.
  • The provider must handle conflicts of interest. Accommodation providers should always act in the participants’ best interests and offer updated information on the available housing options.
  • NDIS enrolment prerequisites for SDA properties comprise meeting relevant design needs
  • The participants’ new home must match the dwelling location, type, and features included in the NDIS plan.

With an SDA provider’s contract, you’ll define which support services you’ll get, the price, the quality, and the rules you agree to.

How much rent should an NDIS participant pay to their SDA provider?

If you or an NDIS participant in your family gets SDA funds, the participant will get financing for all disability-related housing expenses. However, reasonable rent payment is needed, and it includes the following:

  • 25 percent of the disability support pension
  • 100 percent of the commonwealth rent assistance

What makes an ideal SDA provider?

A good SDA provider should be fully registered to ensure they qualify to offer specialist disability accommodation. When picking a provider, you must consider what’s important to you. Are you looking for a place close to your loved ones and relatives? Do you need specialist machines that aren’t available in your area? It’s important that the accommodation feels like home. The workers should be welcoming and warm, and the setting comfortable for when you need a time out or not feeling well.

Don’t forget to ask questions, as this is your chance to get the info you need about the specialist disability accommodation, services available, and charges. Feel free to ask questions whenever you don’t understand something or feel uncomfortable. It’s the role of specialist disability accommodation and NDIS providers to assist you. Ensure they know what your preferences and needs are.

Australians living with any form of disability can benefit from the specialist disability accommodation plan. Incentives from the disability sector and government have provided an excellent opportunity for SDA providers to create better and more accessible accommodations for people with disability. After the NDIA approves your SDA funding application request, you can look for a house.

Are you looking for SDA? Our Provider Finder can help you find a provider near you to get in contact with today.


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