Data is Your New Best Friend

Here’s a little experiment. Close your eyes and think about the NDIS, what do you see?

Whether you’re a service provider or participant, chances are your mind will fill with moments from your own work and experiences, hopefully with us here at NDSP.

Now, if you’re an NDIS participant, there are (as of 31 March 2020) 364,878 other participants across Australia being supported by the NDIS.

And if you’re a provider, there are 14,533 other providers doing their thing out there.

Ok. So imagine if EVERYONE involved closed their eyes and thought about all their experiences with the NDIS. How many stories and lessons and insights would there be, floating around in our collective intelligence! Imagine if we could harness the power of all those experiences? Of all these stories?

Well, the NDIS is actually trying its best to learn and improve from everyone’s experience, and it does so in the form of NDIS Data.

Basically every participant and every provider involved with the NDIS forms part of a database, and thanks to the way we’re all connected these days by the marvellous internet, that involvement is documented and added to the ever-growing and evolving ‘story’ that is the NDIS.

When we think of ‘Data’, we tend to think of facts and figures and computers and scientists in white lab coats looking serious and intelligent. And in many ways, Data does appear to be quite ‘dry’ – all numbers and percentages and what have you – but Data turns into something else when you look at it a certain way.

A nice way to imagine looking at Data is this: have you ever seen or used Google Earth? Imagine you’re zoomed in on your street, nice and close. You can see maybe three or four houses. Then you ‘pull back’, up to a higher viewpoint, and you can see maybe a number of blocks, maybe a few hundred houses. You pull back to an even higher viewpoint and can see your whole suburb, further still and you can see the whole of your state, the entire landmass of Australia, etc. This is how Data can be used, you can use or ‘interpret’ it to see how things look from up close or from far away.

All those numbers add themselves up into giving us fascinating insights into what’s going in out there in NDIS land. And with the fine job the NDIS has done making that data available and explorable, anyone – be they provider, participant, or just curious observer – can lose themselves for a long time interacting with the information.

Providers: find more out about the NDIS landscape – and your place in it – at https://data.ndis.gov.au/insights-forums

Participants: Here’s a great way to dive in to the world of NDIS Data: https://data.ndis.gov.au/explore-data/participant-data/simple-participant-data-tool


Happy exploring!

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