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Following Recent NDIS Review, Plan Management May Help Avoid Frustrations

The recent National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS review) review reveals that many participants have ‘frustrations’ with some of the bureaucracy involved in the process and scheme overall.

After the election in May 2019, the Federal Government commissioned former senior public servant David Tune to review the NDIS and the way it is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

His report has now been released publicly and includes 29 recommendations on how to improve the program. We’ve detailed some of them below, and some reveal the advantages of using a Plan Manager.

One of the biggest takeaways that we as a Plan Manager are proud to find is that when you’re Plan Managed you have access to providers that aren’t NDIS registered. This loosely means you have more choice when it comes to selecting the provider that suits you, and often times this is advantageous to those in areas where the concentration of NDIS registered providers is still quite low.

For example, you may have been referred to a specific provider by someone close to you, and if they’re not registered with the NDIS, you’d be unable to access their service. Conversely, via a Plan Manager like NDSP you’d be free to use your Plan funding to access that service (as long as the support falls into your plan).

Beyond that there are some fantastic recommendations that we’re expecting to see rolled out relatively quickly and they include:

  • Extend the life of funding support for recipients from two to three years if their needs are “stable”. We’ve kind of covered this before, and essentially it will mean longer periods between your Plan reviews if the NDIA deem that to be appropriate.
  • Making Plans easier to understand for participants. This one is also key for our community in that we need clearer language used to describe functions of the Plan, supports available and so on. This would also include adding further clarity to the process of accessing the NDIS and obtaining a Plan in the first place.

Of the review, NDIS Minister Stuart Robert said in a statement:

“While many participants have had excellent experiences and are benefitting from the scheme, many others have had frustrations with wait times, complexity of processes and a lack of understanding of their needs.
“We’ll use these findings to update and clarify the legislation and remove barriers to a better NDIS.”

Very much a positive outlook after such a review, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of the recommendations roll out over the course of the year. Stay tuned!

NDSP is a NDIS registered provider specialising in NDIS Plan Management. If you are a NDIS Participant looking for the right Plan Manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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