How Does NDIS Support People with Autism? 

How Does NDIS Support People with Autism?

Most people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) get a chance to receive support from NDIS. However, the funding is not the same for everyone. In addition, the amount and support type given depends on the age and the condition. Here’s all the information you need on autism and the support NDIS offers.

What makes one eligible to receive support and NDIS funding for autism?

Before starting your NDIS journey, you must find out if you are eligible or not. The reason is that Autism conditions have different levels, and all are unique. So, NDIS needs to consider your support needs to help determine your eligibility for the plan.

If your ASD is level 2 or 3, you are automatically eligible for NDIS funding for autism. However, individuals with level 1 need to give more details on the effects of the condition in their life and how it affects daily activities. For example, how it affects their mobility, social interaction, learning, communication, movement, self-management, and self-care.

You can get your medical history from a psychologist or an occupational therapist. However, most people with autism don’t fit in one category and might need more support in one area or another. Therefore, it’s important to have an accurate medical history from a specialist. The reason is that NDIS makes their decision based on evidence. So, the more you show you require support in the stated areas, the more likely you will get NDIS autism approval. Then, after you assess what you need to be eligible, you can check what the NDIS fund offers.

What does the NDIS funding offer for people with ASD?

The NDIS autism fund covers various supports depending on the individual’s needs. The NDIS considers your needs and goals to determine the types of support to include in your plan. The goals that determine your support can be social, physical, or independent.

Although each individual situation is different, there are some common ASD supports and items NDIS funds offer. They include:

  • Speech therapy to aid in communication skills
  • Physiotherapy to help enhance concentration and motor skills
  • Sensory toys to help in therapy
  • Support worker to help around the house
  • Holiday camps to build interpersonal skills

When reading about the NDIS funding for autism, you will encounter the term reasonable and necessary. It means NDIS will fund things linked to your disability and represent value for money. For example, NDIS supports getting noise-cancelling headphones but they must offer value for the cash spent. So, in most cases, it’s hard for them to approve a premium headphone brand if a more affordable option is available and does the same job.

Your NDIS funding can have three support categories. They include capacity-building capital and core.

What are the NDIS support categories?

NDIS funding for autism has three support categories: core, capacity building, and capital.

Core support

As the name indicates, it involves help with day-to-day activities that can be affected by your disability. Some of the activities it assists include transportation, social participation, and other items you might need daily. In addition, this support category offers funding and support to help you get back to daily activities in your life.

Capacity building

The capacity supports help increase your independence while assisting you in achieving your goals. It’s different from core support funding; your budget can’t be transferred to another support category. This support helps in various aspects, which include:

  • Improving individual’s current living conditions
  • Support coordination
  • Better social participation
  • Getting a job with relevant skills Educational and learning opportunities.

Capital Support

This category focuses on technology such as noise-cancelling headphones, equipment, vehicular, or home modification.

It’s impossible to transfer the allocated budget to another support category. It’s strictly to be used on assistive technology and home modification. Things that the support can help get our installations to make life easier are wheelchairs and handrails in bathrooms.

Now you know the various supports you can get from NDIS for autism. The question is, how can you be in the best position to get this support?

How can you easily receive the various NDIS supports?

Readiness is vital when you want to get something to benefit you. It also applies when getting the NDIS plan you want. So, you first need to do the planning meeting with NDIS. It will help you to be in a better reposition to get what you want.

Ensure you attend the meeting with ideas for your NDIS goals and aspirations. In addition, don’t forget to carry supporting documentation that shows why you need the support. Finally, you can request a plan review if you go and what you want doesn’t happen. So, how do you prepare for the NDIS meeting if you are struggling?

What to do if you have difficulties preparing for your NDIS meeting?

The planning meetings are the most influential and decide your application results, support, and funding. If you have issues preparing for the meeting, always know you can seek help from family, friends, or a disability lawyer.

The lawyer will help you navigate the process easily and swiftly. Remember, even with help; it’s vital to have all the details of everything and documentation that will act as proof. Ensure you have notes on challenges, goals, and aspirations. It will help you get the right support that will benefit you to live as independently as possible.

Every individual has unique needs. The NDIS offers different support to cater to each person. Before applying, you need to know the eligibility criteria to ensure you are eligible. If eligible and going for the planning meeting, ensure you have evidence to show why you need the support. Having this will make it easier for you to get the help and funding you need.

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