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How to Prepare for an NDIS Plan Management Meeting

Any NDIS plan is a journey. It starts with an NDIS planning meeting. After getting approved as an NDIS participant, you will get asked to a planning meeting. There you will discuss all the details of your NDIS plan. You will talk about your goals and what support you need.

Most importantly, you will choose the method you want for your NDIS plan management. Today is the best time to get in contact with your desired NDIS plan management. They will help you prepare for your NDIS planning meeting. Their experienced NDIS plan management team will also give you professional advice.

Why Do You Need to Decide on Your NDIS Plan Management?

During your NDIS planning meeting, many aspects of your plan will be decided. One of the most critical aspects is NDIS plan management. There are several ways to manage your NDIS plan. You can be managed by an agency, self-managed, or hire a professional NDIS plan management service.

To get NDIS plan management, you need to ask for it during your meeting. This way, NDIS plan management will get included in your funds. It will cost you nothing. You will receive extra funding to cover the NDIS plan management fees.

How to Prepare For Your NDIS Planning Meeting?

This meeting is all about your life, your goals, and your obstacles. Therefore, you need to be prepared to go into many personal details, such as your daily activities and hobbies. You can also take anyone you want to your NDIS planning meeting with you.

Check all NDIS plan management options and decide which is suitable for you. If you choose to hire a professional NDIS plan management service, make sure to state that in your meeting.

What Do You Need to Bring to Your NDIS Planning Meeting?

Take all the paperwork and letters you have received from the NDIA so far with you. Bring also any supporting documents of your NDIS case. It can be information from your doctors or therapists. You can also bring photographs that explain your accessibility needs around your house.

NDIS plan management is your right. There are no eligibility criteria. Therefore, you do not need to bring any documents about that to your NDIS planning meeting. If you have already decided on your NDIS plan management provider, you can get their information.

If not, you can just ask for NDIS management to get added to your plan. As you prepare for your NDIS planning meeting, this is the ideal timing to contact us.

At NDSP Plan Managers, we are an NDIS registered provider. We specialize in NDIS plan management. Before your NDIS planning meeting, our team can discuss some ideas with you at no cost. Our NDIS plan management team is always there to help you, from your NDIS planning meeting and for the lifetime of your plan.

Get the NDIS plan management support you deserve. Contact us today!


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