Unscheduled Plan Reviews and NDIA Rights

A Participant’s NDIS Plan has a defined start and end date – generally anywhere between 3 and 36 month period according to NDIA – and offers support toward achieving their goals. Sometimes however, a review might be required prior to the end of the Plan period, this is called an unscheduled Plan Review.

Under normal circumstances, the process for developing a new plan is simply called a scheduled Plan review, periodic review or anniversary review and are undertaken by either the NDIA or the Partners in the community (LAC or ECEI). But let’s look more closely at unscheduled Plan reviews…

To start with, a participant has the right to ask for a review of decisions made by the NDIA at any time. The type of review conducted will depend on the reasons for review and the circumstances in which the review is undertaken. Essentially this means that the manner in which your review is undertaken depends on what you’d like to review.

As a guide, The Review of Decisions Operational Guideline (found here), lists which decisions can be reviewed – to save you some time, the site states that “The majority of decisions made by the NDIA under the NDIS Act are reviewable decisions.“

If you have requested a review on one part of your plan, you should be aware that when the participant’s plan is reviewed, it is reviewed in its entirety and the participant is issued with a completely new plan.

One of the more common reasons for review is a change to goals, objectives and aspirations as set out in the original Plan … (Essentially NDIS Plans are set out in a way that will assist the Participant achieve a set of goals, objectives and aspirations – these are put in place during the Planning process).

If a change to goals, objectives and aspirations of your Plan occurs, there is a chance this will trigger a Plan review (but not always). It’s possible with a change made in this manner that you’ll simply receive a new Plan reflecting the update, but with your supports remaining as is.

With the above in mind however, it’s key to remember that the NDIA can instigate a plan review at any time and will do so if the change of goals substantially impacts the supports required to achieve these goals.

If you think you require an unscheduled review of your NDIS Plan, it’s also important to understand the roles both you (as a Participant or carer) and your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Early Childhood Early Intervention partner (ECEI) can / should play.

The Official documentation states the following:

“A participant may seek support from the Local Area Coordinator or the Early Childhood Early Intervention partner in the community to submit an unscheduled plan review. The LAC and ECEI can advise on NDIS process and requirement, but cannot write or submit a review on the participant’s behalf.”’

In simple terms, this means you can get help and support to go through the process, but submitting the review is in the hands of the Participant.

Due to the degree of change possible as part of your unscheduled review it’s important that if your existing Plan includes Improved Life Choices, and therefor is Plan Managed, then you’ll need to double check or request that your new plan again contains Improved Life Choices so you can continue to enjoy your Plan Management structure.

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