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NDIS Funding: A Guide to Early Childhood Continence Consumables

Ever wondered whether an everyday item that you’re planning to purchase is something that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will typically fund and support?

Consumables are defined as items that a person with disability will need and use on a daily basis. And yes, these consumables are generally funded by the NDIS.

Which support category do consumables fall under?

Consumables are part of Daily Living and ultimately fall under the Core budgets.

And if you are a parent with a child who is a NDIS participant, you may be eligible to receive funding for continence supports too. One of the most typical types of Consumables that are often supported by the NDIS are: Early Childhood Continence Consumables.

What are Early Childhood Continence Consumables?

Most children in Australia are toilet trained at a very young age. But due to developmental delay or disability in some children, these kids normally need regular continence supports. From as simple as diapers to baby wipes, these items are potentially extra costs which are directly attributed to the child’s disability needs, hence are supported and funded by the NDIS.

To give you basic examples of early childhood continence consumables, here’s a list of typical items that you can get NDIS support from. Please note that continence assesments will be arranged and supports will be evaluated if they are “reasonable and necessary” against the NDIS Funding Criteria:

Incontinence Pads


baby love nappies

Pyjama Pants

bright coloured pyjama pants for girls

Incontinence Swimwear 

two kids in swimwear by the beach

A Non-Restricting, Non-Removable Body Suit (Onesies)

blue onesie for kids

Care Wipes

Care wipes pack

Soap-free Cleanser

QV soap free cleanser

Emollient Cream (aids in the management of nappy rash and minor skin disorders)

A bottle of Sudocream

Bowel Care Medications

Movicol in a box

Toilet Training Kits

Toilet traininig kits for kids booklet and crayons

Bedding Protections (such as waterproof quilts, quilt protector and bed sheets)

white waterproof quilt for continence

Waterproof Floor Pads

waterproof floor pads

To review if the products can be funded by the NDIS, visit this page. 

Image sources: incontinenceproducts.com.au and independenceaustralia.com

As a general rule, the requested support will be funded by the NDIS if the support needed:

  • is related to your disability needs

  • will help with your individual goals and aspirations

  • will help your social and/or economic participation

  • will provide value for money

  • is effective and beneficial for you

  • helps to maintain your informal support

  • is a responsibility of the NDIS to fund

If you have any questions about NDIS plan management, please call us at 1800 63 63 77 or email us at info@ndsp.com.au. Register for Plan Management Sign Uptoday!


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