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NDIS Funding: Support with Winter Gardening and Yard Maintenance

As we enter the winter season, maintaining a garden and yard becomes more challenging for everyone. However, people with disability may face even greater obstacles due to the cold weather and the increased physical demands of winter gardening.

Many people with disability encounter physical limitations that make winter gardening and yard maintenance difficult. Reduced mobility, decreased strength, and sensitivity to cold temperatures can create barriers to active participation in outdoor tasks during winter.

Safety concerns arise from slippery surfaces, icy pathways, and limited visibility due to shorter daylight hours. People with disability may also require assistance to navigate these challenges and ensure their safety while working in the garden or yard.

In snowy parts of Australia, where winter poses unique challenges such as frost heave, growing weeds and pests, and dehydration of plants, providing support for people with disability to engage in these gardening and yard maintenance activities become even more crucial.

Certain form of disability can heighten sensitivity to cold temperatures, making extended periods outside uncomfortable or painful. This limits the time individuals can spend gardening during winter and necessitates appropriate clothing and protective gear.

Supporting Winter Gardening and Yard Maintenance

Planning and Adaptation:

Prioritising planning and adaptation helps people with disability effectively manage their winter gardening tasks. This may involve creating a garden layout that minimizes the need for excessive physical exertion or adjusting garden beds to enhance accessibility during winter.

Assistance with Physical Tasks:

Providing support with physically demanding tasks such as shovelling snow, pruning, or carrying heavy bags of soil significantly reduces the strain on individuals with disability.

Modifications for Accessibility:

Making necessary modifications to improve accessibility during winter is crucial. This includes installing handrails along pathways, ensuring proper lighting, and clearing potential hazards like ice or snow from walkways. Adapting tools and equipment to accommodate specific needs enhances independence and ease of use.

Winter Gardening Tips:

Educating people with disability about winter gardening techniques and strategies empowers them to continue enjoying their gardens during the colder months. Recommendations may include cold-tolerant plants, indoor gardening options, or raised garden beds for easier access.

Collaboration and Community Support:

Encouraging collaboration and fostering community support make a significant difference in the winter gardening experience for people with disability. Local gardening clubs, volunteer groups, or neighbors can come together to provide assistance, share resources, and offer companionship during winter gardening tasks.

The Iti Adventures

Can the NDIS fund my request for lawn mowing and yard maintenance services?

Iti says: Funding is available for these services if your NDIS plan includes the Assistance with Daily Life category, which covers various supports aimed at assisting participants with their daily activities, including gardening and yard maintenance. This funding can encompass tasks such as planting, watering, weeding, and overall upkeep of outdoor spaces. Additionally, participants can seek guidance from professionals or hire gardening services to fully engage in their chosen activities.

To determine funding eligibility, the NDIS considers the following general criteria:

  • Relevance to disability needs
  • Contribution to individual goals and aspirations
  • Support for social and/or economic participation
  • Value for money
  • Effectiveness and benefits to the individual
  • Maintenance of informal support
  • Responsibility of the NDIS to fund the support requested

If you have any questions regarding your NDIS plan, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 1800 63 63 77. We are available to address any inquiries you may have.


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