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The NDIS regularly hold information and access sessions around the country. These events have been developed  as NDIS help – enabling you to understand the NDIS and gain assistance accessing it. They’re also in place for NDIS registered providers and others who offer support in the community to stay up to date with a plethora of NDIS / NDIA related subjects. 

Covering everything from Participants receiving assistance with a plan in preparation for a review, engaging in a discussion with a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or even workshops facilitated by the NDIA about understanding and using an NDIS Plan, you’ll find that each event has a specific purpose.

After a recent redesign of the NDIS’ website, this resource is simple and easy to use with content searchable by state, by date and by event category. In addition there’s a simple search input field to help if you know what you’re looking for.

The main page clearly displays a brief summary of the event topic, dates and locations with a link to requesting additional accessibility requirements (like interpreters for example).

Searchable NDIS help, information and access sessions categories include:

  • General information
  • New to the NDIS
  • Participant
  • Planning
  • Provider

If you’ve visited the NDIS website recently you’ll also note they have a ‘Listen’ function, allowing users who need audible text to consume the content and select the most appropriate event – indeed, an important addition to a listing like this.

Take a look at the NDIS events page here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/news/events

If you offer support as part of the NDIS as a provider or coordinator, many of these events could be perfect for you to expand your knowledge or find new ways to offer much needed support as part of the NDIS.

As an existing or prospective NDIS Participant, it’s important you have the information you need to make the most of your NDIS Plan, so If you’re looking to find out more or get specific NDIS help, their events page might be a great place to start. Beyond that, it’s also important that you understand the flexibility of your NDIS Plan and your options when it comes to managing it.

A quick search of Plan Management gives us results about “putting your plan into action” and more, allowing you to access events that help you select the correct management structure for you. Many NDIS Participants choose to be Plan Managed, meaning they assign a Plan Manager like NDSP to deal with the administrative side of their Plan – paying provider invoices and managing budgets among other things. NDSPs Participants have access to our real-time budget portal (we affectionately call it NAPPA), allowing them the ability to keep an eye on payment of invoices, outstanding Plan balance and much more.

NDSP’s highly trained and friendly staff are full of expert advice – we pride ourselves on helping Participants navigate their NDIS Plan effectively, while offering long-term support to build capacity into the future.

To be eligible for Plan Management, simply request “Improved Life Choices” during your Plan meeting and you’re almost done. The last piece of the puzzle is to contact the right Plan Manager to finalise your structure – we’d love to hear from you. Once that’s done you can get back to achieving your goals with the right team behind you supporting you to reach them

For more information on Plan Management, or to be part of the NDSP gang, call 1300 63 63 77, or visit contact us via our secure online form: CLICK HERE

NDSP is a NDIS registered provider specialising in NDIS Plan Management. If you are a NDIS Participant looking for the right Plan Manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.



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