Approaching an NDIS Plan – Let’s Simplify It

If you’re yet to become an NDIS Participant (obtain a Plan of supports from the NDIS), then there’s plenty of information out there to help you get started, but we thought we would compress some of it into a quick snapshot …

When accompanied by the NDIS’ own video (just below) we hope you gain a more complete understanding of what an NDIS Plan is and how to put your best foot forward when you approach obtaining your Plan.

Your NDIS plan is all about you and your individual goals. Basically it gives you tools to help you achieve those goals ie. The Plan itself outlines your goals as well as the supports you will receive from the NDIS, the community and other government supports to help you achieve those goals.

There are two sections in the plan that are all about achieving your goals, making it a clearer and more user-friendly format.

  1. “How will I achieve this goal” – this will help you with attaining your goals.
  2. “How will I be supported?” – this will help you understand who will support you with this goal.

The goals in your plan will also be matched up with the different funded supports:

  • Core
  • Capacity-building, and
  • Capital

(You can read more detail about these funded support categories here: https://ndsp.com.au/plan-manager-to-consumables-your-ndis-plan-is-versatile/)

For your personalised funded supports, there is a total budget making it easier to monitor and use it flexibly where you can. If you decide you’d like someone to manage your Plan for you, you’ll need to request Choice and Control as part of your Capacity Building Budget for example. With NDSP managing your Plan you have access to NAPPA, our Participant portal that can quickly help you monitor your budget, payments for supports and more.

NDIS Plans can be reviewed anywhere between 3 and 36 months, depending on the result of your Plan Meeting, but generally your first Plan will be reviewed after 12 months.

This brings us to the process and preparation …

To give yourself the best opportunities for NDIS support by way of a Plan as described above, you should follow the guidance outlined in the short video below. It details steps you can take to help prepare, with things like obtaining evidence by way of a healthcare professional through to what happens during your Plan Meeting and beyond:

If you or someone you care for is looking to become an NDIS Participant, at NDSP we as Plan Managers are here to make your experience with the NDIS as simple as it can be. For more information get in touch with us via our online form or give us a call on 1800 63 63 77.


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