NDIS Plan Management Made Easy

Everything You Need to Know About NDIS Plan Management

Why NDIS management?

Managing your NDIS plan can be daunting and time-consuming. In other words, it’s difficult to focus on achieving your goals when you’re spending hours on book-keeping and paperwork. NDIS management will take care of this for you.

With NDIS plan management, you get the best of both worlds – the choice and control over your plan funding and a Plan Manager to oversee all financial and administrative aspects of your plan.

To find out more about the plan management and tips on how to get started, read on!

What is plan management?

Put simply, plan management is the service delivered by a registered NDIS Plan Manager. A Plan Manager will help you navigate your NDIS plan, engage providers of your choosing and make the most out of your funding:

  • You can select who delivers your support from both registered and non-registered service providers.
  • Your providers receive payment through your Plan Manager
  • Your plan budget will be monitored and maximised according to your needs
  • You don’t need to manage your bookkeeping or records of your spending

Adding NDIS management to your plan

First and foremost, your plan needs to include funding for a Plan Manager.

In your planning meeting to discuss your goals and support needs, request that NDIS management is added to your plan. This will cover the costs involved in engaging the services of a Plan Manager.

If you don’t already have NDIS management in your current plan, you can request a review with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Support Coordinator. They will go through the process of adding NDIS management with you.

Choosing a Plan Manager

Next, you need to select a Plan Manager who you trust. They will manage your funding and work with you to get the most value out of the money available. You can ask your LAC, Support Coordinator, or support network for their recommendations and experiences with Plan Managers. Alternatively, the NDIS myplace participant portal provides a list of registered Plan Managers in your area.

You must have a good Plan Manager on your team. They play a significant role in the management of your NDIS plan. Most importantly, their work will assist you in achieving your goals, so you need to be happy with the service they provide.

Your Plan Manager is responsible for handling provider engagement, financial, and budgeting arrangements within your plan. If you experience issues with one of your providers or have questions about your funding, your Plan Manager can manage this on your behalf.

Service Agreement

Lastly, you and your Plan Manager need to outline and understand the expectations of plan management. By signing a Service Agreement, you agree to the services provided by your Plan Manager and how they will be delivered. This Agreement will also explain how you can make a complaint or withdraw from the Agreement.

Interested in NDIS management?

At NDSP, we specialise in NDIS plan management to help Australians with a disability manage their supports and achieve their goals. So, if NDIS management sounds like the right option for you, contact NDSP today and make the most out of your NDIS plan.