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NDIS Recipient? Here’s How NDSP Can Help You!

The NDIS process can seem like an overwhelming task, filled with paperwork and financial duties that take up your precious time. Luckily, an option is available to you that helps you take care of your NDIS plan: NDIS management.

NDSP offers NDIS plan management services to help you navigate your funding while ensuring your administrative responsibilities are fulfilled. Our highly skilled plan managers offer expert advice and support and provide you with the tools to stay informed and in control.

Expert advice and support

First and foremost, NDSP is here to help you understand and maintain control of your funding. Our NDIS management services are designed to provide you with access to the information and support you want when you need it.

In order to achieve this, NDSP has developed a comprehensive online resource that provides you with everything you need to help make the most of your NDIS plan. Our Participant Toolbox offers a range of useful information, including:

  • common terms used regarding the NDIS
  • tools to help you understand your plan
  • useful hints and tips on how to maximise your funding
  • links to relevant NDIS forms and resources

Complete control over your plan

NDSP understands and prioritises transparency when it comes to control of your NDIS funding. Put simply, you need to know where your funds are allocated and how they are being spent.

To enable you to have full access to your funding data, NDSP has developed a simple way for you to view your budget using our NDIS management portal, NAPPA. This online system allows you to:

  • check on the status of your funding in real-time
  • view your entire budget and how much funding is left
  • access your provider invoices and payments

Overall, NDSP ensures you always have full control of your NDIS funding by providing easy access to your budget.

Relieve the administrative burden

NDSP offers specialised NDIS management services that help support you by managing your claims, payments, and the administration of your NDIS budget. In addition to taking care of your paperwork, we are committed to making the NDIS process as easy as possible by offering:

  • real-time budget tracking
  • timely and accurate payments
  • record-keeping and reporting services
  • advice to help you maximise your funding

Above all, NDSP will take care of the financial and administrative aspects of your NDIS plan and give you peace of mind that your plan is being managed by NDIS experts.

NDSP – professional NDIS management services

When you want the freedom to focus on achieving your goals, NDSP is here to help. From taking care of your budget to handling your paperwork, NDSP will help you navigate the intricacies of your NDIS plan and manage your allocated funds.

NDSP is a compassionate NDIS provider specialising in NDIS management. Our highly skilled plan managers will provide you with a dedicated budget and administrative support, along with expert advice about getting the most out of your funding.

So, if NDIS management sounds like the right option for you, contact the experienced team at NDSP and take control of your plan today!


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