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NDIS Registered vs Unregistered Providers

We (NDSP Plan Managers) are proud to say that we are a registered NDIS Provider, but there can be some confusion and even concern around providers who are not NDIS registered.

For the most part concern shouldn’t be your first reaction, rather a little curiosity will help you see why they’re not (yet) registered or if they’re a provider to steer clear of.

Here’s why …

To become an NDIS registered provider takes time, effort and certainly money – three things that often many smaller providers don’t have a lot of. The result is that these smaller service providers either choose not to register with the NDIS or just don’t have the resources to do so. Many smaller providers may be working toward registration as part of their plan to grow, but without the money or time it also may not be on the cards at all.

Let’s not hold that against them!

We’ll get into some things to do when selecting a provider later in this article, but for now let’s look at what “NDIS registered” means for you …

If your NDIS Plan is Plan Managed or self-managed, you can access all providers – it doesn’t matter if they’re NDIS registered or not.


If your Plan is Agency (or NDIA) Managed, you are limited to accessing support ONLY from NDIS registered providers.

You can see where we’re headed here and why unregistered providers are vital to having access to the supports that can help with achieving your goals – unregistered providers give you a whole other level of choice and control – the importance of which cannot be understated. Unfortunately, this kind of choice and control isn’t quite there as an Agency Managed NDIS Participant.

Let’s get hypothetical …

Let’s say you live in a remote area and you require regular physiotherapy, your NDIS Plan is NDIA Managed and the closest NDIS registered physiotherapist is 100km away, but there is an unregistered physio 3km away. According to the NDIS, your only option is to travel 100km to access that support.

If you chose us as your Plan Manager for example, you have complete choice and control to choose the physio just 3km away and have it fit within your NDIS budget, no problem.

Ok so we understand the difference and that there’s some advantages to your NDIS Plan being Plan Managed or self-managed, but you shouldn’t just pick any old provider without some quick research first …

 When selecting your provider(s):

  1. Look for reviews online – Try facebook, google and even the yellow pages as a start. People are normally honest when it comes to reviews on these platforms.
  2. Speak directly with your LAC, Support Coordinator or others in your immediate community for any reason a particular provider may not be suitable for you.
  3. Call us at NDSP Plan Managers and ask what we know about that specific provider. We can pass on any information that may be helpful to you.
  4. Give the provider a call and request an initial meet and greet. If you have the capacity, it can be helpful to simply visit a place where your support might be provided. First impressions of a location or even specific staff can provide you with enough to make the decision to use that provider.
  5. Try them out! If you’re starting a new support with a new provider, give them a try. If you find them to be unsuitable, you have the choice and control to find another provider who can offer you better support. Afterall, your NDIS Plan is all about you, and you want to be comfortable on your way to achieving your goals.

NDIS registered provider or unregistered provider, with NDSP Plan Managers, the choice is entirely yours.

NDSP Plan Managers are a NDIS registered provider specialising in NDIS Plan Management. If you are a NDIS Participant looking for the right Plan Manager, CLICK HERE to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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