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A Guide to NDIS Early Childhood Intervention

If your child is under 7 years of age, they are classified by the NDIS as Early Intervention which means you can get support through your ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) partner. Please call NDIS to determine who the ECEI partner is in your LGA (Local Government Area).

The ECEI team is your one stop shop to help you through the process of access, through the plan meeting and post plan to help you implement the plan and find the right providers for supports such as therapy.

The best advice NDSP can provide is to think about the functional impact of your child’s diagnosis, think about the goals you want to work towards as this will help the NDIS understand the support your child needs to achieve these goals. E.g therapy supports.

The NDIS is an insurance scheme and is evidence based so collect your evidence, E.g Doctors reports, preschool and school reports for your meeting as evidence the impact the disability has on your child’s life.
Talk with your ECEI partner about the 3 Fund Management Options too (Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self-Managed) as you may find Plan Management could be the door to opening up your provider options, if so, NDSP would love to support you and your family.

We wish you well with your ECEI supports to getting that first plan done and we truly hope that the NDIS helps to support your child to live the best life possible.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about the NDIS in general and the benefits of NDSPs Specialist Plan Management service. Thanks.

Don Dickie



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