Sick of Dealing With Your NDIS Financials? Our Plan Managers Can Help!

Budgets, invoices, paperwork, book-keeping – it can all get a bit overwhelming and feel like a chore. And your time is precious. So, when it comes to your NDIS plan, you should be focused on more important matters, like choosing the right supports to meet your needs. NDSP understands this and is here to help!

Our specialist NDIS Plan Managers are trained experts in managing every aspect of your NDIS funding. We take care of the financial and administrative side of your plan and ensure your budgeting, invoicing, and record-keeping responsibilities are maintained on your behalf. Meaning you have more time to spend on living your life and achieving your goals.

So, if you feel like paperwork is weighing you down, let NDSP lighten your load and leave the hard work to our NDIS Plan Managers.

Budget Tracking

Never worry about your funding running out ever again! NDSP provides you with dedicated plan management support by taking care of your funding and helping you get the most from your plan. From paying your providers to monitoring and maintaining your budget, our NDIS Plan Managers offer you the following:

  • full choice and control over your plan
  • timely provider payments
  • budget monitoring
  • ensuring sufficient funds are available
  • maximising your funding

Above all, engaging NDIS Plan Managers through NDSP enables you to access your budget in real-time using our plan management portal, NAPPA. This means you have complete control over your budget by being able to:

  • view your total plan funds
  • monitor your funds
  • access itemised invoices
  • check how much funding is remaining

Overall, the NDIS Plan Managers at NDSP will allow you to keep on top of your funding and ensure your budget is managed effectively by experts.

Administrative Support

Whenever there is money spent, there will be paperwork. It’s unavoidable. Your NDIS plan is no different. Luckily, the specialist team at NDSP thrives on completing administrative tasks!

Our NDIS Plan Managers maintain comprehensive records of all transactions that occur within your plan. With extensive NDIS and accounting experience, NDSP is well-equipped to manage and satisfy all NDIA requirements, financial inquiries, and audit requests.

Additionally, our NDIS Plan Managers offer comprehensive advice on all things NDIS, from understanding your plan and common NDIS terms to advising you on how your plan can work best for you. We don’t just help you manage your administrative responsibilities; we help you manage your plan holistically.

To put it simply, we know your time is better spent focusing on your support needs and achieving your goals, so our NDIS Plan Managers will shoulder the administrative burden on your behalf.

Take a Break With NDIS Plan Managers

Let the experts take care of managing your plan funding. At NDSP, our highly skilled team of NDIS Plan Managers specialise in everything NDIS.

By engaging NDSP, you no longer have to worry about your budget, paperwork, or running out of funds. We manage every aspect of your funding, meaning you don’t have to. So, when you want more time to focus on the important things in life, contact NDSP today.



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