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The Questions You Need to Ask Before Switching NDIS Plan Management

The point of choosing NDIS plan management is to enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and choices. If you are not comfortable with your current NDIS plan management, you do not need to worry. You can easily switch to another NDIS plan management provider.

An NDIS plan management should help you make the most of your funding. If you did not find the support you need from your current NDIS plan management, you must switch to another one. Otherwise, you will not benefit from your NDIS plan as you should.

Before switching to a new NDIS plan management provider, here is what you need to know:

Can I Switch NDIS Plan Management During My Current Plan?

It does not really matter where you are at your NDIS plan. You are entitled to change your NDIS plan management whenever you want. All you need to do is let the NDIA know you are switching to a new NDIS plan management provider.

Your service agreement with your current NDIS plan management states a notice period. This is how much time you need to give your current NDIS plan management before leaving them. After this period, you are free to hire any NDIS plan management provider you want.

Do I Need to Tell My NDIS Plan Management Why I Am Changing?

In short, no, you do not. Unless you want to give them feedback. Otherwise, you do not need to justify or explain your choice to your NDIS plan management. All you owe them is a written notification that you want to cancel their NDIS plan management service.

Will the New NDIS Plan Management Accept Me?

Usually, yes, an NDIS plan management provider should accept you as their client. However, some NDIS plan management providers do not accept new clients in the middle of their plan. That is why, before making the switch, you need to check with the new NDIS plan management first.

What Happens to My NDIS Plan Funds When I Switch?

Before leaving your current NDIS plan management, they should give you a final report. It should show the current status of your NDIS funding. All through the notice period, your current NDIS plan management will continue to pay your support providers on your behalf. Afterward, your new NDIS plan management will take over this task.

Just like your current NDIS plan management, your new provider will be paid in the same way. Therefore, changing NDIS plan management providers will not affect your plan funds in any way.

At NDSP Plan Managers, we specialise in NDIS plan management. Our experienced NDIS plan management staff are highly skilled and ready to help you.

By choosing us, you can rest assured you will get all the support you need. In addition, you can benefit from our NDIS plan management expertise from before your planning meeting.

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