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Tips on Choosing the Right NDIS Plan Management for You

Once you have your NDIS plan approved and ready to implement, you need to decide on the right method of NDIS management for you. There are some options, and you can mix and match between them depending on your circumstances. NDIS plan management offers you the opportunity to maintain choice and control over how you want your funds spent while managing your budget and administrative requirements.

But how do you know which NDIS management provider will work best with you? And what exactly does NDIS management offer you? Well, firstly, it’s helpful to know what to expect from NDIS management to determine how it can benefit you.

What is NDIS management?

Overall, the purpose of NDIS management is to help you navigate your budget and make the most out of your funding. Furthermore, an effective Plan Manager enables you to:

  • Choose who you want to deliver your supports from a wide range of registered and non-registered providers;
  • Have your providers paid for your supports;
  • Access your budget and track your funding; and
  • Have all administrative and financial requirements managed

In short, NDIS management provides you with assistance in the administration aspect of your plan. So, you can have more time and energy to focus on the main objective: achieving your goals.

Expert service and advice

Most importantly, your budget will be managed by experienced professionals who will guide you through all aspects of your funding. And help make sure you are getting the best value for money. NDIS management provides you with a service you can rely on to:

  • promptly pay your support providers;
  • keep track of your budget and ensure your funds are spent appropriately;
  • monitor your remaining funding and advise you if funds are running low;
  • provide you with real-time reporting and budget updates; and
  • handle any auditing requests that may occur.

So, if you come across a Plan Manager that can offer you all of the above, you know you have found the right NDIS management for you.

Maintain your choice and control

NDIS management offers you the power of choosing which providers you engage to deliver your supports. Above all, you are in control of your plan funding; however, you are not left with the responsibility of paying providers.

A Plan Manager will work with you to maximise your funding and ensure your money is utilised most efficiently. Additionally, with NDIS management, you can decide which providers offer you the best supports for your needs in line with your budget.

In summary, however you want your plan to be implemented and managed from the outset, the decision is completely up to you.

Exceptional NDIS management

NDSP Plan Managers are specialists in the NDIS. We offer support with your NDIS plan management to help you take care of the administration of your plan, processing provider payments and manage all paperwork on your behalf. This means you have more time to focus on your supports and achieve your goals.

Contact NDSP Plan Managers and discover how we can help you with your NDIS management.



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