Top 10 Helpful Tips for Preparing for Your NDIS Plan Review

The NDIS Plan Review takes place on an annual basis. It’s an opportunity for NDIS participants to ensure their plan is meeting their goals. However, there are a few common concerns one can face during this process. Will funding be cut? Will my plan be good? What happens to the equipment I haven’t got yet? Will I get the plan before the old one expires?

Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly and as thoroughly as possible before your review to ensure your new one continues to meet your goals and needs. For your next NDIS plan reassessment, you can use these top tips to prepare.

What To Expect in the NDIS Plan Review?

Before getting into the tips, here is what you can expect. The NDIS plan review process starts with participant check-in. This is where the NDIS contacts you towards the end of your current plan to book your plan review meeting. During the call, the NDIS will inquire how you are going with the current plan and if your circumstances have changed in the past year.

This helps them prepare for your plan review accordingly and ensure they have all the necessary information to make your plan review experience personalised to your needs. Some participants won’t need a full plan review, and thus the NDIS won’t ask them all the planning questions. However, if, in the past year, circumstances changed and you would like a full plan review, the NDIS will try to better understand your needs and ask for any supporting information that may be required.

You can decide to have your plan reassessed over the phone, via video call or face-to-face; you choose what suits you best.

What You Need To Know For Your Plan Review Meeting

For the meeting, you may have to provide reports or assessments from some of your service providers to show the NDIS how your support and services are helping you achieve your goals. The report and assessments can also recommend more services or supports you may need in the future.

Preparing For Your NDIS Plan Review

The following tips will help you prepare accordingly for your next review meeting and ensure your required supports are allocated.

Consider Your Original Goals

Before the review meeting:

  • Review your original goals and see if they still fit your priorities.
  • If you made any progress, tick them off your original goals list.
  • Review the supports you received over the year and determine if they helped you achieve your goals. If not, mention other supports that are needed.
  • Form a list of new goals and aspirations; you can discuss how to support them during the meeting.

Get All your Documents Ready

Before the meeting, get all the necessary documentation together. This helps streamline the process with your planner and will help present who you are and what you need more concisely. Try putting together all medical, health and education documents in one place to have everything ready when needed.

Be Specific

The NDIS offers vast opportunities, and it’s best to take advantage. Always be intentional and specific about your goals, needs and how you want to live. Note them down and discuss them during the meeting.

Learn The Language

The NDIS has a whole register of unique terminology they use to communicate and describe things. Before your NDIS plan review, get familiar with the terms used, for instance, centre-based service, support plan or funded supports. This will help you understand the resources available and navigate the process.

Do Your Research

Ask your NDIS plan manager for an updated budget report and gather as much information as you can from your service providers. You can also consult with other participants who have gone through the review process and add their input to the information you will present.

Anticipate Your Future Needs

Before the NDIS plan review meeting, think ahead and consider any needs that could arise down the line. Factor in any upcoming changes in your life and discuss them during the meeting. This will help the NDIS understand the appropriate supports that you require in your next plan.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have any questions about things you aren’t sure about, seek further assistance or reach out to disability advocacy organisations and disability service providers. They will provide you with valuable insight to help prepare for the plan review.

Start Early

Always begin preparations for your plan review in advance. Take time and gather all the necessary documents. Review the current plan and consider any required updates or changes. During the meeting, you will have everything ready and know what to do.

Take Someone With You

If you are the participant being interviewed, you don’t have to do it alone. You can bring someone along to support you during your planning meeting. This can be your support coordinator, a family member or a friend. Their presence can be reassuring and they can also help explain your situation to the NDIS planner.

Your NDIS Plan reassessment is a time for you to discuss your current or changing needs with the NDIS.. You can discuss any concerns you may have with your planner during the meeting. You also don’t have to wait till the review comes around either, if your circumstances change before then, you can request for an earlier review with the NDIS. Hopefully, these tips will help you better prepare for your plan review effectively.



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