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Top Questions to Ask Your NDIS Plan Manager

Participating in an NDIS plan can be a confusing journey. All these rules and guidelines require some professional help from NDIS experts. That is why many participants choose to work with NDIS plan managers. It helps them sail more smoothly through their NDIS journey.

Unfortunately, not all NDIS plan managers are the same. That is why you need to select your NDIS plan managers carefully. If you are not comfortable with the NDIS plan managers you chose, you can always change them.

To help you find the right NDIS plan managers from the start, here are a few questions to guide you:

Are You Registered?

All NDIS plan managers should be registered. That is why you cannot just hire your local accountant or bookkeeper to be your NDIS plan manager.

One of the key benefits of hiring NDIS plan managers is to let them take over all the payments and claims part.

Unregistered plan managers cannot make claims on the NDIS portal on your behalf. Working with registered NDIS plan managers will also enable you to hire both registered and un-registered support providers.

Do You Specialise in NDIS Plan Management?

When you hire NDIS plan managers, you want them to be focused on getting you the most of your plan.

If your plan managers were not specialized in NDIS, they might not have the required level of expertise. You want to work with plan managers who know the ins and outs of NDIS. This way, they will help you make the most of your funds.

They will also be able to process payments and claims quickly and more efficiently.

How Quickly Do You Process Payments and Claims?

Make sure to check with your NDIS plan managers their payment processing terms. You want to ensure your support providers get paid on time. Otherwise, you might lose their services. That is why you need reliable NDIS plan managers who process payments on time.

How Can I Keep Track of My Budget?

Choosing to work with NDIS plan managers does not mean giving up control. You still want to be able to track your payments and funding. Therefore, you should choose NDIS plan managers who offer full transparency.

Some NDIS plan managers have applications or online portals that allow you to view your budget, payments, and invoices in real-time. Others provide regular NDIS budget statements.

NDSP Plan Managers is an NDIS registered provider. We specialise in NDIS plan management. You can count on us to make your life easier. Our NDIS plan managers are highly skilled and experienced. They will provide you with all the help you need, even before your planning meeting.

With our NDIS plan managers, all your invoices will be paid in three to five business days. NAPPA is our online NDIS management portal. It grants you access to your NDIS budget in real-time on any device.

Choose NDIS plan managers you can count on. Contact us now!



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