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Ways a NDIS Plan Manager Can Help You Make the Most of Your NDIS Funding

Ultimately you want your NDIS plan funding to stretch as far as possible to support your needs for as long as possible. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on how your funds are being spent. Also, be mindful of when and where your funds are dispersed and how much funding you have left.

Along with maintaining your administrative responsibilities, this can all take up a lot of your precious time. A time that could be better spent on achieving your goals. Enter NDIS plan managers. Their role is to take the burden of financial and administrative responsibilities off your shoulders.

And maximise your funding to the fullest. NDIS plan managers help you navigate and make the most out of your plan by:

  • enabling you to access both registered and non-registered providers
  • paying for the supports, you receive
  • monitoring your budget to ensure sufficient funding is available
  • managing your book-keeping and paperwork

Funding Management

NDIS plan managers will ensure your providers receive payment for their services on time. Assisting you in maintaining a positive relationship with the people who support you.

NDIS plan managers also monitor your funds and ensure they are spent following your budget.

Importantly, NDIS plan managers offer complete transparency when it comes to your funding, providing access to real-time reporting so you can see exactly where your funds are being spent.

The services of a plan manager also extend to providing you with advice about the cost of your supports. With their help, you will be able to negotiate cost-effective prices to ensure your funding is fully maximised. Above all, when it comes to your funding, you want to ensure you are never in danger of running out of funds for your supports.

This is where engaging NDIS plan managers to help maintain your budget comes in handy. An NDIS expert will monitor your funding allocation regularly and keep track of all transactions that occur.

So, if at any stage it appears your funds are running low, your plan manager will let you know.

Admin Support

The unavoidable component of your NDIS plan is administration. Comprising of reporting, paperwork, and book-keeping, you have certain responsibilities to fulfil to ensure you comply with NDIA regulations.

That’s why having NDIS plan managers on your side is so beneficial. Their role is to manage all of these tasks on your behalf. In addition to handling your budget, NDIS plan managers maintain records of every transaction that occurs from your funding.

This means that when an audit request is raised in relation to your plan spending, NDIS plan managers will ensure this matter is handled appropriately and provide all required documentation to the NDIA.

Overall, NDIS plan managers give you the gift of time. By taking care of your budget, paying your providers, and dealing with all administrative responsibilities, you have the freedom to focus on what’s important—achieving your goals.

NDIS Plan Manager — Here to Help

The expert NDIS plan managers at NDSP are here to help manage your funding.

We will provide you with the support and advice you need to get the most out of your plan. In addition, your budget will be handled by NDIS specialists, allowing you to spend more time focusing on achieving your goals.

Contact NDSP to discuss your needs and start experiencing the benefits of engaging NDIS plan managers to help you get the most out of your plan.


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