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We’re NDIS Plan Management Specialists

When it comes to your NDIS funding, you want to ensure NDIS experts handle it with extensive NDIS plan management training. After all, this is a major factor in how well your funding is managed and if your providers are paid accurately and on time.

NDSP provides you with access to highly skilled NDIS plan managers who offer a diverse skillset of comprehensive NDIS and accounting experience. In other words, our specialised team knows the NDIS inside and out!

We will ensure your financial and administrative responsibilities are taken care of while providing you with the tools and support to help you make your NDIS plan work best for you.

Providing you with the right tools

NDSP offers complete transparency when it comes to your NDIS funding. Our online NDIS plan management portal, NAPPA, allows you to access your budget in real-time on any device. Using our highly accessible system, you can:

  • track where your funds are being spent,
  • view your invoices, and
  • see how much of your funding is remaining.

In addition to allowing you full access to your budget, NDSP has also developed an online resource to help get you started on your NDIS journey. Our Participant Toolbox is designed to offer useful advice and information to keep you informed, such as:

  • key NDIS terms and their meanings
  • handy tips to make the most of your plan
  • links to forms and resources relating to the NDIS process

Overall, NDSP provides you with the tools to make the NDIS process as smooth as possible while enabling you to maintain control over your budget.

Access to dedicated support and advice

NDSP provides expert NDIS plan management services. The primary role of our plan managers is to manage your claims, payments, and the administration of your NDIS budget. But we offer far more than just that!

Our specialised team is committed to going above and beyond to provide you with the best possible support by helping you:

  • maintain choice and control over your support providers
  • access your budget in real-time
  • manage your paperwork
  • maximise your funding
  • navigate your plan

With NDSP, you have long-term access to dedicated support and advice from highly trained NDIS experts. Not only can you use our online resources to help guide you through your NDIS journey, but you can talk to the NDSP plan management team directly to answer all of your NDIS queries.

Expert NDIS plan management

The specialised team at NDSP knows everything there is to know about NDIS plan management. Our expertise allows us to skilfully manage your NDIS funding while providing you with dedicated support to help you navigate the NDIS process.

NDIS plan management with NDSP will help you take control of your funding and stay informed and up-to-date on all aspects of your budget. So, if you would like to get to know your NDIS plan a little better, contact the professional plan managers at NDSP today. We are specialists in everything NDIS!


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