Benefits of an NDIS Plan

With around 4.3 million Australians living with a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was developed to help provide support to those in need.


The nationwide initiative provides support funding to eligible individuals living with a disability based on their personal needs. Each participant of the NDIS works with a professional to create a personalised plan that lists their goals and the support funding they require. Support funding is used to help participants purchase support and services, which will help them, achieve their goals.


Here at NDSP, we specialise in NDIS Plan Management. Our highly skilled Plan Management team is here to help ensure you get the most from your NDIS support funding.


We understand that all NDIS participants are different, but those who choose to use a Plan Management provider are fortunate to receive the best of agency and self-managed methods in one complete service.


Keep reading to see how NDIS Plan Management from NDSP can benefit you:


The Ultimate in Choice and Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme covers the use of plan management providers, adding additional funding to your NDIS plan to ensure this cost is covered. Plan Management is your right; there are no eligibility criteria.


Working with NDSP, you are guaranteed to receive the greatest level of choice and support when it comes to managing your NDIS funding and selecting your service providers.


We Make It Easy!

 You’ll find that working with us may be a bit like having a professional accountant. You’ll still be able to make the choices about the service providers you use, without the hassle and administrative burden of self-managing your funds. Our team can also provide you with the support and understanding of diverse NDIS and accounting processes, should you choose to change to a self-managed plan.


Key Plan Management Advantage Takeaways: 

  • Easy and stress-free
  • Allows you to maintain freedom and control
  • Plan Management fees are covered by the NDIS without eating into your current NDIS support funds – no out of pocket costs for participants
  • Plan managers manage all NDIS funds on your behalf (including checking and paying provider invoices, etc.)
  • You can continue to use non NDIS registered providers


If you’re currently an NDIS participant or are preparing for your NDIS planning meeting, why not give our team a call? We’re here to ensure that you are given the most choice and control when it comes to your NDIS plan without the administrative burden.


Call NDSP Plan Managers today!


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