What Employment Support Is Available Via The NDIS?

Employment is not just about financial independence; it’s also about social inclusion, personal growth, and self-esteem. For individuals living with disability, finding and maintaining employment can be challenging, which is where the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can assist. The NDIS offers a range of employment supports designed to facilitate participants’ entry into or return to the workforce. This article delves into these supports, outlining how they can be accessed and maximised.

The Scope of NDIS Employment Support

The NDIS focuses on providing personalised support that aligns with the unique needs and goals of each participant. Understanding the scope of these supports can help participants better navigate their options.

Types of Employment Support Available

  • Assessments and Counselling:
    • Career Planning: Helping participants identify employment goals based on their interests, skills, and capabilities.
    • Employment-Related Assessments: Evaluating a participant’s needs and recommending suitable supports.
  • Capacity Building Supports:
    • Skills Training: Programs aimed at developing job-specific skills, as well as general skills like time management and teamwork.
    • Confidence Building: Workshops and sessions designed to boost self-esteem and confidence in a workplace setting.
  • Workplace Modifications and Assistive Technologies:
    • Custom Tools and Software: Technologies tailored to the participant’s needs to enhance efficiency and productivity at work.
    • Ergonomic Workplace Design: Adjusting workstations to suit the physical needs of the participant, thereby reducing strain and increasing comfort.
  • Supported Employment Services:
    • Transition Programs: Facilitating the shift from school or unemployment into the workforce.
    • On-Site Support: Ongoing assistance and supervision at the workplace to ensure the participant adapts well to their job.
  • Employment Preparation and Support:
    • Networking Opportunities: Access to events and platforms where participants can connect with potential employers.
    • Mentorship Programs: Pairing participants with experienced professionals in their desired field for guidance and support.
  • Ongoing Workplace Support:
    • Regular Check-ins: Ensuring continuous support and adjustments to the workplace or job role as needed.
    • Feedback Mechanisms: Establishing channels for participants to provide feedback about their workplace experience.

Accessing NDIS Employment Support

  • Initial Planning Meeting:Discuss your employment goals during your first NDIS planning meeting. Be clear about the kind of job you’re interested in and the support you might need to achieve your goal.
  • Collaboration with Providers:Work closely with employment service providers who can offer expert advice and facilitate access to job opportunities.
  • Utilising Networks and Resources:Tap into networks and resources offered by disability employment services and other community organisations.

Funding Considerations

  • Budget Allocation:Understand how your NDIS plan allocates funds for employment support and use these funds strategically.
  • Plan Management:Consider how your plan is managed (self, plan, or NDIA managed) as this can impact your ability to access certain services or providers.

Making the Most of Employment Support

  • Explore Diverse Opportunities:Be open to a range of employment opportunities, including part-time, full-time, and volunteer roles, to gain diverse experiences.
  • Regular Plan Reviews:Use your plan review meetings to assess the effectiveness of the support you’re receiving and make necessary changes.
  • Advocate for Your Needs:Be your own advocate, or work with an advocate, to ensure your employment needs and goals are being met.

Challenges in Employment and Strategies for Success

  • Navigating the Job Market: Engage with specialised employment agencies that understand the challenges faced by people living with disability.
  • Managing Workplace Expectations: Develop a clear understanding with your employer about your capabilities and the support you require.
  • Adapting to Change: Be prepared for changes in your job role or environment and seek support to adapt to these changes.

Continuous Development and Support

The journey to employment for individuals living with disability is an ongoing process of learning and adaptation. The NDIS supports participants in this journey by providing access to training and skill development programs, tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. This includes upskilling in new technologies and methodologies that are emerging in the job market.

Understanding and adapting to workplace culture is also crucial. The NDIS can assist in accessing mentoring and coaching services that help participants navigate their work environment. Effective communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, are key to successful workplace interactions, and programs funded by the NDIS can focus on enhancing these skills.

For career advancement, the NDIS encourages participants to pursue opportunities for professional growth, such as attending workshops and networking events. The scheme also provides support for career progression, including assistance with preparing for promotions or exploring new job roles.

Employment is a key element of independence and self-worth for many people with disability. The NDIS provides comprehensive support to help participants enter and thrive in the workforce. By understanding and utilising the various supports available, participants can embark on fulfilling career paths that align with their skills, interests, and goals. Regular engagement with the NDIS, service providers, and employers is crucial to ensure that employment supports remain effective and relevant.

For more information or assistance regarding employment support through the NDIS, participants are encouraged to contact their NDIS planner or local employment support services.


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