What Is An Individualised Living Option (ILO) In The NDIS? How Can It Work For You?

The NDIS has funded supports for Individualised Living Options (ILOs) to help participants reassess and realise different living options. The ILO allows participants to choose where they want to live, and with who and ensure that required supports are in place to meet their requirements. Although the funding does not provide the house or help with rent or mortgage, it is there to enable freedom and choice of living. ILO offers a platform for understanding the participant’s life vision and developing plans and supports to help them meet it.

How To Structure Your Individualised Living Options

You can structure your ILO using formal and informal supports like family, different networks and friends. The NDIS can offer funding for the formal supports approved in your NDIS plan when informal supports are unable to help sufficiently.

The NDIS Individualised Living Options support is added to your plan in two main stages;

  1. Exploring and designing the individualised living options you need and want. You must decide where you want to live, what support you need, with whom you want to live, and the support provider you want.
  2. The ILO support implementation support will depend on where and how you want to live and the support you require. You can change your ILO supports if you need any adjustments, however, overall the supports will provide stability, safety and flexibility for more comfortable living.

The Individualised Living Options supports don’t include the supports a participant will need for activities outside their home. For instance, supports for studying, working, going out or in the community. If needed, the NDIS will include these supports in other parts of your plan. Furthermore, you might need separate support for additional living and home supports like home modifications.

Supports Included In An Individualised Living Options NDIS Plan

● Training for your caregivers or people who support you

● Support to set up and manage your home

● On-call individuals, you can reach to help you when in need

● Personal care

● Support to make decisions about where you want to live and the supports you need to help you

● Support to build independent living

What’s Not Covered In The ILO Options?

Through NDIS plan management, you can seek to understand which supports aren’t covered in your NDIS plan. While the NDIS scheme offers greater access some supports aren’t covered through the independent living options NDIS supports;

● Assistance with activities outside your home, like school, work, playing or community activities

● Specialist disability accommodation (SDA)

● Developing a behaviour support plan if needed; however, this support can be included in a separate category in your NDIS plan if you need it

● Rent or mortgage for your house or home

● Everyday costs like food, water, electricity or internet bills

● Home remodelling or modifications that aren’t related to your disability

● Payments for informal support

How Can ILO Work For You?

ILO can work for any NDIS participant with a plan and is eligible for supported individualised living. First, you need to discuss your preferences and goals with your NDIS planner. They will work with you to ensure your needs are met through a plan that includes ILO. Once you have the plan, you can explore your individualised living options. These could be your own house, apartment or a house you will share with roommates, relatives, friends or a group home. You can also choose what support level you need; from occasional assistance to 24-hour care.

Your NDIS plan management team may be able to advise if it has been funded in your plan.

Can Any NDIS Participant Apply For ILO?

You are eligible for ILO options if you are 18 and above. However, the category expands further to include the following;

● If you are preparing and have the effort to put in the time to create your home in the future

● If you are looking for housing providers and residential options

The Benefits Of Individualised Living Options

ILO support can be crucial for any participant looking to want to live more independently. The best part is that the NDIS can change the package as your needs evolve to ensure you have the support required and is more flexible than Supported Independent Living, which is funding to cater for group housing. Therefore, ILO can be beneficial in several ways including;

Attaining a new life goal – Individualised living options let participants explore new opportunities and broaden horizons to better meet their goals. It’s a kind of avenue that can bring them closer to the world at large, enabling them to live life with more independence and self-reliance.

Provides an understanding of basic life skills – The fundamental goal of the NDIS is to enable participants to develop new skills or enhance existing ones that will help increase their independence. Some areas they focus on are skill development and training, planning, budgeting and decision-making, and enhancing life skills like cooking, cleaning or meal preparation.

Improved domestic support – ILO can help participants live more independently by providing various household and personal services. These include help with regular domestic chores like cleaning or cooking or support workers to help you become more involved in your daily living tasks.

What Will Your ILO Look Like?

The Individualised Living Options NDIS funding focuses on the individual and your ILO will look something like this;

A support circle – this may include a volunteer who supports the participants to live more independently,

Co-residency is where your helpers and primary caregivers live with you for a discounted rate or a minimal fee.

Living together option is where two or more participants live together or share support.

Host – this is where you live with a friend or family that isn’t related to you. They provide a welcoming and safe environment.

ILO offers participants more freedom and an opportunity to meet their life goals and realise their vision for the same. It is best to choose a reliable ILO provider for all your supports and proposals to keep coherency and dependability.

If you have any questions regarding your NDIS plan, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 1800 63 63 77. We are available to address any inquiries you may have.



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