What Is an NDIS Plan Manager?

What Is a NDIS Plan Manager?

What is plan management?

One word that should not come to mind when thinking of your NDIS Plan is work. On the contrary, you should be thinking about how your funding can help you achieve your goals. This is where NDIS plan management can help.

Above all else, NDIS plan management is a service offered to manage the financial and administrative aspects of your NDIS plan. NDIS Plan Managers will take care of your budget and assist you in navigating your plan to get the most from your funding.

Here we will explore NDIS Plan Managers and how they can help you with your NDIS plan.

Who are NDIS Plan Managers?

Put simply; Plan Managers are experts in the NDIS. Their role is to offer you advice and support in all matters relating to your NDIS plan funding. NDIS Plan Managers will help you navigate your NDIS plan, assist you in engaging providers of your choosing, and make sure you maximise your budget.

For instance, NDIS Plan Managers offer a range of services in the management of your NDIS plan:

  • Assistance and advice regarding who and how your supports are delivered
  • Access to both registered and non-registered service providers
  • Processing payments to your service providers
  • Monitoring and maximising your plan funding according to your needs
  • Managing your book-keeping and paperwork requirements

NDIS Plan Managers are responsible for assisting with provider engagement and handling budgeting arrangements within your plan. Additionally, if you experience funding issues your Plan Manager can take care of this on your behalf.

Choosing the right Plan Manager

Importantly, you should choose a Plan Manager that you can trust and depend on to manage your NDIS plan effectively. NDIS Plan Managers are responsible for handling your budget and getting the most value out of the money available. Therefore, your choice can have a significant effect on your plan outcomes.

To assist you in making a good choice, your LAC or Support Coordinator NDIS can suggest recommendations based on their experiences. Alternatively, the NDIS myplace participant portal provides a list of registered Plan Managers in your area.

Above all else, NDIS Plan Managers support you in achieving your goals, so you need to be happy with their service.

Your budget managed

From paying your service providers to keeping track of your funding, NDIS Plan Managers take the financial burden off your shoulders.

All financial and administrative requirements, paperwork, and book-keeping will be managed on your behalf by NDIS experts. Additionally, NDIS Plan Managers work with you to get the most out of your funding to assist in reaching your goals.

Ultimately, your budget will be taken care of by professional NDIS Plan Managers leaving you to focus on your support needs.

Can NDIS Plan Managers help you?

So, if you consider engaging professional help to manage your NDIS plan, NDSP is here for you! Our specialist NDIS Plan Managers work tirelessly to help Australians with a disability manage their support and reach their goals. Contact us today to have a chat and discuss how we can help you.


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