Who Is An NDIS Local Area Coordinator & What Do They Do?

Who Is An NDIS Local Area Coordinator & What Do They Do?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government initiative that provides support, services and capacity building to Australians living with impairments and disabilities. It is a means to enable people who cannot perform all their tasks at home, or in their community, and ensures they receive the appropriate level of personal care along with essential support services. The scheme ensures NDIS participants are supported for as long as they need.

This is an overview of what NDIS local area coordinators do and how they can help individuals live the best quality of life possible.

Who is an NDIS Local Area Coordinator?

An NDIS Local Area Coordinator is a person who helps people with disabilities in an area or community. They can be government-funded or privately funded. The role of an NDIS local area coordinator is to help people with impairments access NDIS covered and other services in their communities. They work alongside other professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to provide support for the participants they work with.

Functions of an NDIS Local Area Coordinator

The role of a local area coordinator is quite important – to bring Australians living with disabilities the support and services they need to live a fuller life, including spreading information about applying for the NDIS to those who may have missed out on it. Their work also includes taking workshops about the NDIS for local support groups or not-for-profit organisations or meeting one-on-one with people who need assistance in submitting their preferred NDIS plan. It’s a big job that requires particular skills and experience.

The role of an NDIS Local Area Coordinator includes:

  • Providing information and support for people with disability about accessing their scheme and benefits and managing the scheme itself.
  • Liaising with other agencies such as Centrelink and Medicare Australia to provide services to people with disability.
  • Managing any aspect of a person’s claim for an NDIS service related to their geographical location or residence.
  • Implementing the plan by working with key stakeholders such as charities, voluntary organisations and community groups may provide support for people with disability.
  • Coordinate the delivery of support services to people with disability in their local area by coordinating between different providers.
  • Provide information and advice on the NDIS to people with disability, families and carers, people who work or volunteer in the community, volunteers and others who may be affected by changes to services.
  • Provide one point of entry for people seeking information about the NDIS – their rights under this scheme and how they can access support from any provider or organisation.

What Are The Different Levels Of Support To Implement My NDIS Plan?

An NDIS Local Area Coordinator is responsible for implementing the delivery of the NDIS plan. The levels of implementation include:

Support Connection

This is where you would find your local Area Coordinator. They will help you connect with other support and service providers to help you get the support you need.

Coordination of Supports

This is where NDIS coordinators coordinate all of your support services, such as occupational therapy and speech therapy. These professionals ensure there are no gaps in your plan.

Specialists Support Coordination

If there are specialists who require more than one person to coordinate their care, then this role could be filled by another professional who can do the job. This role may also include working with other professionals who have experience working with people with disabilities.

How to Find an NDIS Local Area Coordinator

The best way to find a LAC is through an online portal. To apply for an LAC, you must have completed the Level 3 NDIS plan for your area and some other requirements. Once your application is accepted, the Local area coordinator will contact you.

You will meet with your LAC at least once a year to discuss what changes have taken place since the last time you met and discuss any new issues or concerns you may have. You can also ask your LAC if any changes need to be made concerning your care plan or level of support.

Who is an NDIS Planner?

An NDIS planner is an individual who is employed by a local government agency or a non-government organisation (NGO) to provide assistance to people with disability and their families.

What is the Difference between an NDIS LAC and an NDIA planner?

An NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is the person the NDIA has appointed to coordinate the delivery of NDIS services in their local area. The LAC’s role is to ensure that all people with disability and their families have access to the support they need when needed.

The NDIA planner and the NDIS Local Area Coordinator work closely together to design and implement an individual’s plan.

The NDIS LAC will work closely with participants to determine what they need to live independently in their communities. They are there to support and guide them through each step of their journey, ensuring they understand what is expected of them and how they can achieve it.

The NDIS Local Area Coordinator will coordinate all aspects of the plan, including finding accommodation, access to health care and transportation, and ensure all supports are in place when required. They are also responsible for ensuring that all requirements are met by those who deliver services on behalf of the NDIS.

An NDIS Local Area Coordinator is an important position for those seeking and needing help with their NDIS plan. These coordinators can help you create an ideal NDIS plan and work with you to review any changes or updates you want. They can also help you contact other professionals in the field, return your calls if you need some support, be a translator between you and your passengers, and much more. An NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is trained to help with the growth of your plan, whether it is helping you start, finance it or going over certain parts of it with you.

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