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3 Things You Need to Know About Physio Fit Adelaide

Based in Adelaide, Physio Fit’s key focus is to help improve a person with disability’s health and help them perform their very best regardless of their conditions. After thorough assessments and consultations, their physiotherapists will help provide action plans to kickstart their treatments.

Here are 3 Things You Need To Know About Physio Fit: 

1. Physio Fit Adelaide is the only private healthcare clinic in Adelaide that has an Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This helps people to move in ways that they can’t under normal circumstances. This enables people with a disability that has affected strength, balance or coordination, to be able to successfully perform activities that aren’t possible without aid.

This has huge positive impacts both physically and mentally. This opens doors to help people in new and exciting ways. This is worth checking out for anyone who has challenges associated with strength, balance or coordination.

2. Physio Fit Adelaide now offers home-based Physiotherapy services to their local communities in the North East and Western suburbs of Adelaide. They understand that it is not always convenient or possible to attend the clinic. To better serve their clients’ needs, they are increasing accessibility to their services as the demand grows.

If you would like to learn more about their community based Physiotherapy care, you can contact them via admin@physiofitadelaide.com.au.

3. Physio Fit Adelaide works closely with support workers and highly encourages them to join the Physiotherapy sessions with their clients.

They believe that a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is the only way to truly help clients in achieving their versions of success.

Physio Fit understands that their work makes up only a small percentage of the client’s week. However by working with and including the support worker in the sessions, they are able to continue the exercise recommendations throughout the week, enabling the client to get the best results possible.

To learn about Physio Fit Adelaide, visit physiofitadelaide.com.au.


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