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DCR – Three Letters We Love

Our busy world seems to be filling up with snappy acronyms that save precious milliseconds of our time which, when added together, can free up to five or six seconds per day, (and when those days are multiplied into months, can mean almost an hour per year, so it’s not to be sneezed at).

There’s old faves like FYI (For Your Information) and TBH (To Be Honest); there’s the ones the kids use – BRB (Be Right Back), FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); impressive corporate ones like ROI (Return On Investment); bizarre ones that took us forever to decode – TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read), plain lazy ones like K (OK)… and, well, there’s NDSP, which you might be familiar with.

Without doubt however, our favourite three-lettered acronym right now simply has to be DCR, and not just because it rolls off the tongue so nicely, it’s what these letters stand for that gives us all the good feels.

DCR stands for Disability Confident Recruiter and it’s a powerful and dynamic piece in the NDIA recruitment and employment puzzle.

So, what IS a DCR and why is it so good to be recognized and certified as such?

Well, as Australian corporations, organisations and recruitment agencies become increasingly aware of the benefits that a truly diverse work force delivers, the more important it is that recruitment and selection processes are legitimately inclusive and effectively “barrier-free”.

This makes such great business sense for companies and agencies.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are recruiting for a position (either internally or externally) but you’re not actually making that opportunity available to ALL the talented and skilled people out there! There’s every chance you’ll miss out on the best candidate for the job.

This is what can happen if you’re not a Disability Confident Recruiter. Without that Disability Confidence, you’re at the mercy of barriers in the process that might block or impede the very best skilled applicants from applying.

The DCR program is facilitated by AND (Australian Network on Disability), and it provides course participants with thoughtful, thorough and comprehensive consultation and training that is then applied to all levels of their company or agency structure.

To achieve Disability Confident Recruiter certification, AND helps organisations and agencies undertake an audit of their practices and structures, make the required adjustments and improvements, and sign up to the DCR charter. Only when a company or recruitment agency is truly Disability Confident will the DCR title be bestowed.

As CEO of one of Australia’s leading recruiters – HOBAN recruitment – Alison Watts says:   .

“The DCR process made us look at pretty much every aspect of our business end to end and to re-evaluate it from every candidate’s perspective. It really motivated us to make changes.”

And indeed, looking at agencies and companies who’ve earned DCR credentials, there’s an unmistakable sense of pride and achievement in achieving DCR status.

Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that they are incredibly well placed to recruit the very best candidates for any position.

Click through to https://www.and.org.au/pages/disability-confident-recruiter.html to find out more. ASAP!


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