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Disability Parking | Companion Cards and Taxi Vouchers

Disability Parking | Companion Cards and Taxi Vouchers

Thursday, June 13, 2019
When it comes to the NDIS it can be like getting blood from a stone when finding out what is available for you or those close to you. In this blog I am going to touch on a few topics that sometimes has too much Information out there.

Disability Parking

The benefit of a disability parking are: wider and longer spaces, closer to the entrance of buildings and also a longer allocated time in public spaces (we all need a bit of extra time).

There Is three different types, I will break them down for you:

  • Blue card – For an individual – permanent disability – lasts 5 years– cost $43
  • Red card – for an individual – temporary disability – last 1-6 months – cost$14
  • Green card – for an organisation – transport of people with disabilities – costs$14

To eligible for any of the above the person/s must have the below disabilities:

  • Unable to walk due to permanent or temporary disability of either one or both legs.
  • Unable to walk due to a medical or physical condition.
  • is detrimentally affected as a result of walking 100 meters or more.
  • Needs walking aids.
  • Legally blind.
  • Age 3years+

To apply for a disability card, you must get a form filled out, medical part must be filled out by a Doctor, have proof of identity and a recent photo.

Go to the website : https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-mobility-parking-scheme-permit-individual-and-temporary to download the form. When this is completed go to your local service centre.

Disability Parking

Companion Cards

Most of you may know about the companion card but those who are new to the disability sector might not know about this diamond!

It is a national programme for individuals with significant disabilities who cannot access the community without a support worker/assistance from a career. The companion card allows the support worker and or, career entry/participation for free.

This type of programme saves a significant amount of money and in the long run helping to build a quality of life with social and community integration.

The companion card is accepted by over 4200 business and organisations, periodic events, national parks and most attractions. This link will give you a list of where accepts this card which includes the zoo, aquariums and gold coast theme parks!


It is free to apply for a companion card, can do by downloading the application form online(the above link will get you there also)filling it out and providing two passport photos. I will also add(disclaimer-does not say this on the website) from my experience in the disability sector, not all disabilities are straight forward. Personalities and medication all have different effects on the individual’s capability of being in the community. If you have a document from a phycologist or Occupational therapist (BSP) that states the individual does not access the community without support, I would recommend attached this with your application to support your cause.

Here is an example of a companion card looks like:

Disability Parking Companion Card

Taxi vouchers

The Taxi transport subsidy scheme provides support for those with disabilities who cannot who are unable to use public transport. The TTSS will cover 50%of the total per TTSS docket up to $60.

To be eligible for the scheme:

  • Be a permanent resident of Australia
  • Normally reside in NSW
  • Not be a member of a similar scheme in another Australian State or Territory
  • Be over school age (preschool aged students, regardless of disability, are ineligible for inclusion in the Scheme)
  • Have a severe and permanent disability.

Applying for the scheme go to this link download the Document and fill out accordingly and follow instructions: https://www.qld.gov.au/disability/out-and-about/subsidies-concessions-passes/taxi-subsidy

Using the scheme can seem complicated so here is the breakdown:

  • TTSS dockets may only be used in a taxi and the meter must be used to determine the fare
  • Keep your $60 docket book with you at all times
  • Only use dockets with your name on them
  • When you catch a taxi, let the driver know where you want to go
  • When you arrive, fill out the trip details on a $60 docket
  • Sign the docket and give it to your driver. The driver can assist you if necessary or Person Unable To Sign (PUTS) can be used instead of a signature
  • Only use one docket per trip
  • Give the driver the remaining payment (half of the fare plus anything over $60)

For example: If the total fare is $80, you can use a docket to pay $40 towards the fare and pay the remaining $40 yourself. If the total fare is $140, you can use a docket to pay $60 (maximum subsidy) of the fare and pay the remaining $80 yourself.

This what A TTSS docket looks like :

Disability Parking TTSS

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