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Enjoy Your Life With NDIS Plan Management!

When it comes to NDIS Plan Management, you need to get all the support you can have. Without proper financial and administrative knowledge, NDIS Plan Management could be a real hassle. A Plan Management provider will support you and smoothly manage your funding and payments.

With an NDIS Plan Management provider, you will not have to deal with all the paperwork involved with your funding and financial transactions. They will take care of all the financial and administrative hassle for you. To hire a Plan Management provider, all you should do is tell the NDIS staff this wish at your planning meeting. This way, the fees of the Plan Management will be funded in your plan. It will not affect your funding for other services and support.

NDSP is a registered NDIS Plan Management provider. Our experienced NDIS Plan Managers are highly skilled and will provide you with all the support you need.

Here is how our services will help you:


Better Focus on Your Goals

As your NDIS Plan Management provider, we will be responsible for paying and recording all your invoices from your service providers. We will act as your bookkeepers. First, our NDIS Plan Managers will check that the invoices are correct and contain all the required information. Then, they will be recorded and claimed from your funds through the NDIS Portal.

With us, you will not have to deal with the complexities of the NDIS Portal. We will do all the claims and administrative work on the NDIS Portal on your behalf. By taking all the burden off your shoulders, you will have more time and effort to focus on your goals.


Wider Choice of Providers

Being managed by a registered NDIS Plan Management provider gives you more freedom and flexibility in choosing your service providers. You will no longer be restricted to using only NDIS registered providers. Instead, you can select the best support you can get for your unique circumstances, NDIS registered or not.

As your provider, we can help you choose service providers. We will also do all the required work to establish agreements with the providers you choose. Our experience and negotiation skills can get you better deals.


More Effective NDIS Plan Management

One of the most significant advantages of NDIS Plan Management is that you will get support from a professional, experienced provider. At NDSP, our diverse skillset and accounting experience enable us to manage your NDIS Plan more effectively. With us, you can rest assured you will get the most of your NDIS Plan.


Part of our NDIS Plan Management services is to keep you up to date with monthly statements. You can also use our user-friendly NAPPA Participant Portal to get real-time budget access and monitor your funds.

Get the flexibility and full control of self-management, minus the administrative burden. Contact us now!


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