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With your NDIS plan, you will get a few management options. Professional NDIS plan management is considered the most effective, convenient choice. It gives you the control and transparency of self-management, without the hassle of doing all the administrative work yourself. That is why many NDIS participants choose professional plan management.

A good NDIS plan management team will help you get the most out of your funds. They will take all the NDIS plan management stress and burden off your shoulders. This way, you can focus more on achieving your goals. Unfortunately, not all NDIS plan management providers in the market today are trustworthy and reliable.

NDSP is an NDIS registered plan management organization. We are committed to providing an innovative NDIS plan management service within a fun and trustworthy environment. Here are the reasons you should choose us for your NDIS plan management:



Every member of our NDIS plan management team is highly skilled and ready to help you. By choosing us for your NDIS plan management, you will have unlimited access to our diverse skillset and accounting experience. We will be there for you from before your NDIS planning meeting and for the lifetime of your plan.



By choosing us for your NDIS plan management, you will have more freedom to choose the service providers you want. Whether NDIS registered or not, you can choose the most suitable service provider for your needs.

To help you get the most out of your NDIS plan, we have created an easy-to-use disability service provider directory. It will help you find reputable providers. We have also put together a national directory of support coordinators we highly recommend. Just enter your postcode and select your search radius to find NDIS support coordinators nearest to you.



As your NDIS plan management team, we will help you achieve your goals. You can leave us all the payment processing, paperwork and administrative tasks. This will give you more free time and energy to focus on accomplishing your goals.

With our NDIS plan management team, you can rest assured all your payments will be processed quickly. We pay all provider invoices within three to five business days. Our NDIS plan management team is also very responsive. They will answer your calls or emails in a timely manner.



Letting our NDIS plan management team handle your funds on your behalf, does not mean losing control. With our Plan Management Portal ‘NAPPA’, your NDIS budget will be at your fingertips. You can get real-time budget access from any device you have. It will provide you with up-to-the-minute copies of your support invoices. This way, you can see where your NDIS funding has been allocated and when.

Getting professional NDIS plan management is your right. There are no eligibility criteria. All you should do is ask for NDIS plan management in your planning meeting.


Getting the most from your NDIS plan is all possible with the right management team. Call us now!


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