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How NDSP NDIS Plan Management Can Help Those Living In Hobart!

When it comes to managing your NDIS Plan, you have many options. You can choose to manage everything yourself, get NDIA managed or choose a professional Hobart NDIS Plan Management provider. Getting professional support in NDIS Plan Management is one of the most popular options. It gives you the best of both worlds. You will get the freedom of handing over all the administrative hassle to professionals without giving up control.

NDSP Plan Managers is an NDIS registered provider. Our experts specialise in NDIS Plan Management. They will manage your NDIS funds on your behalf and get you the most of your plan. You can depend on our Hobart team to be your local disability guides and experts.

Here is how our experienced Hobart NDIS Plan Management team can help you:


Get the Most Of Your NDIS Plan

Getting your NDIS funds managed by professionals is like getting your own accountant. Our Hobart NDIS Plan Management team will help you with all the payment and claim processing. They will also advise you on how to make the most of your NDIS Plan.

By choosing us, you will have unlimited access to our NDIS Plan Management expertise. Our skilled experts will be there for you from before your NDIS planning meeting and for the lifetime of your plan. You can depend on us to get all your NDIS invoices paid on time. We pay all service providers within three to five business days.


Work With Registered and Unregistered Providers

To get the most from your NDIS Plan, you need to find the right Hobart disability service providers. They will help you achieve your goals. NDSP is an NDIS registered Plan Management provider. By choosing us, you will be able to work with registered and unregistered service providers. This enables you to continue working with your current Hobart service provider if you want.

We have also created an easy-to-use, online directory to help you find service providers. Just enter your postcode and search radius to find Hobart service providers nearest to you.


Maintain Control Over Your NDIS Plan

Granting us your NDIS Plan Management duties does not mean giving up control. On the contrary, with us, you can always review your budget and plan in real-time. NAPPA, our online NDIS Plan Management Portal, brings your budget to your fingertips using any device.

Our NDIS Plan Management Portal has been designed to give you complete transparency around your budget. You can securely view your total and remaining NDIS funds. The portal also provides you with real-time access to check all your invoices in detail.

Hiring a professional Hobart NDIS Plan Management comes at no extra cost to you. Just make sure to ask for NDIS Plan Management to add to your ‘Improved Life Choices’ plan.

Get Hobart NDIS Plan Management you can rely on. Contact us now!


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