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How to Best Utilise Your NDIS Funding!

Every individual living with a disability has different needs and life goals. That is why your NDIS plan will be tailored for your specific requirements. Your plan managers can guide you before your NDIS planning meeting. This way, you can rest assured you will get the right NDIS plan for you.

The funds you receive through your NDIS plan will not cover all activities or needs you may have. It will be based on what is considered reasonable and necessary for your goals. This can include activities that support your education, independence, living arrangements and mobility. The right NDIS plan managers will help you make the most out of your funds.

Here is how you can and cannot use your NDIS funds.


Reasonable and Necessary

First, you need to learn from your NDIS plan managers what supports and activities are considered reasonable and necessary. Activities or services related to the disability of the participant will be covered by the NDIS funding. Unrelated day-to-day living costs, such as groceries are not included. The activity should also represent value for money. It should help you pursue your goals and empower you.

NDIS funding considers both formal and informal supports already available to the participant. Any support received by other government services, your family, friends, or carers will be considered. All these guides and rules are difficult to keep up with. That is why, having a meeting with your plan managers before the NDIS planning meeting is essential.


Funded Supports

Any activity that enables the participant to live more independently or makes daily activities easier is usually covered. Daily activities, such as help with household tasks, can be charged to NDIS funds. Transportation, if the disability hinders using public transportation, is included. The participant is also allowed to pay for therapeutic supports, mobility equipment and needed home modifications.

Your NDIS plan managers will help you allocate your funds most efficiently. They have the required skills, experience, and knowledge to help you make the most of your NDIS plan. With the right NDIS plan managers, you will have a real-time budget overview. You will easily see how much you have spent on your NDIS funding and what is still left.


Supports That Are Not Covered by NDIS Funding

Some types of support will not be funded by your NDIS plan. These activities are usually the responsibility of another government system. They might also not be related to the disability of the participant. Your NDIS plan managers should be aware of all the rules and guidelines governing your funding. They should guide you through your NDIS plan and help you make the most of it.

Hiring plan managers will not cost you anything. It is covered by NDIS funding. All you have to do is ask for it in your NDIS planning meeting.


Make the most of your NDIS funding. Call NDSP plan managers now!



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