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How You Can Use Your NDIS Plan!

The goals, aspirations and required support of the participant are the main outlines of any NDIS plan. They will determine how much funding you receive and how you can allocate it. Your plan can even include extra funding to pay NDIS Plan Management fees.

No two NDIS plans are the same. Every single plan is uniquely tailored to suit the individual circumstances and requirements of each participant. As your life changes over time, you can also change your NDIS plan and type of management too.

Once your plan is approved, you will need to learn and understand how to use it. That is where NDIS Plan Management comes in handy. They have NDIS experts that will answer all your questions and help you navigate through your plan.


What Is Included in Your NDIS Plan?


Based on your discussion at the planning meeting, your NDIS plan will be tailored to suit your needs. Your NDIS plan will include basic information about your disability, your daily activities, your residence and caretakers.

Another critical component of any NDIS plan is the unfunded support you get from family and friends. Any funded support you receive from the community or government services should also be included.

One of the most important sections that will shape your NDIS plan is the one about your goals. It contains information about your current and long-term goals in life. Your NDIS plan funds, management and service providers should all work to help you achieve these goals.


What Does Your NDIS Plan Cover?


The funds you receive through your NDIS plan will be directed towards each support category you need. You might get funds for all your support categories or just one or two categories. It all depends on your individual needs and what the NDIS finds ‘reasonable and necessary’.

NDIS funding must be used only for goods or services that are directly relevant to your disability and specific goals and objectives. Costs for food, entertainment and items that do not represent value for money will not likely be approved by the NDIS. Other expenses, such as the fees for caretakers, support equipment and NDIS Plan Management companies will be usually included in your NDIS plan.


How Will Your NDIS Plan Management Help You?


NDSP Plan Managers is an NDIS registered provider. Our company specialises in NDIS Plan Management. As your NDIS Plan Management company, we will help you understand your plan, and what types of supports and services will be covered by it. Our Plan Management experts can even help you prepare for your NDIS planning meeting.

Afterwards, we will take care of all the administrative and financial work of your NDIS Plan. From before your NDIS planning meeting and for the lifetime of your plan, you will have unlimited access to our NDIS and Plan Management expertise.


Get NDIS Plan Management that will help you navigate smoothly through your plan. Call us now!


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