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How To Use Your NDIS Funds for Exercise Physiology & Personal Training

Will your NDIS plan fund your needs for a dietitian, an exercise physiologist or a personal trainer? The short answer is yes.

These three activities generally fall under Improved Health and Wellbeing and are considered Capacity Building supports which help participants build their independence and skills.

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Dietetic consultations and therapies are needed to generally help with: creating personalised meal plans, achieving weight goals, learning about nutrition and healthier food options, managing allergies and food intolerances, and managing health conditions such as coeliac disease and diabetes. In some cases, dietitians are also needed for participants who have challenging mealtime behaviours.

A dietitian service can only be NDIS-funded if the required support is due to the impact of the participant’s disability.

To find dietitians near you, visit NDSP’s Provider Finder.

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Physical wellbeing activities, whether it’s exercise physiology or personal training, help participants improve their overall fitness and health.

Some of the benefits in accessing these supports may include: improved mobility, improved mental health and wellbeing, pain reduction, and gaining independence to achieve life goals.

While personal training focuses on sports, recreation and performance, exercise physiology focuses more on treating people with chronic conditions and injury recovery.

Exercise physiology supports are normally requested in the cases of: progressive neurological conditions (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease), spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, stroke, fibromyalgia, etc.

To find exercise physiologists and personal trainers near you, visit NDSP’s Provider Finder.

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As a general rule, the requested support will be funded by the NDIS if:

  • it is related to your disability needs
  • it will help with your individual goals and aspirations
  • it will help your social and/or economic participation
  • it will provide value for money
  • it is effective and beneficial for you
  • it helps maintain your informal support 
  • it is a responsibility of the NDIS to fund

If you do not currently have Improved Health and Wellbeing in your NDIS plan, we recommend you to contact your Local Area Coordinator (LAC), Planner or the NDIS directly to discuss options how these can be included.

For more broader information on what you can use your NDIS funds for, see What Can NDIS Funding Be Used For?

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