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NDIS Funding: Does the NDIS Fund Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology studies, diagnoses and treats communication disorders (source: ahpa.com.au). This aims to help a person be able to generally communicate. This type of therapy covers speech, language and literacy difficulties.

According to reports*, 1.2 million Australians have been reported to have communication disabilty. One in seven Australians with communication disability need formal supports. Children (age 0-12 years old) and older people (aged 65 years old and above) make up majority of this population.

Some of the instances where speech pathology is necessary include (source: healthdirect.gov.au):

  • developmental delays in children
  • learning problems
  • stroke
  • brain injury
  • intellectual disability
  • cerebral palsy
  • dementia
  • hearing loss

How can a Speech Pathologist help?

Here are some of the ways a Speech Pathologist can help you:

What does a speech pathologist do?

Is Speech Pathology funded in your NDIS plan?

Yes, it can be funded. Speech Pathology is considered part of Capacity Building Supports (Improved Daily Living). The support needed should be assessed as reasonable and necessary and should be administered by a certified practicing Speech Pathologist (as approved by Speech Pathology Australia).

This can generally fall under Early Childhood Supports (for participants younger than 7) or Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training (for participants 7 or older).

All information are accurate as of November 2022. 

Finding a Speech Pathologist

If you wish to find a Speech Pathologist or other disability service provider near you, visit NDSP’s Provider Finder.

Get to know a Speech Pathologist. Watch this educational video produced by The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

As a general rule, the requested support will be funded by the NDIS if:

  • it is related to your disability needs
  • it will help with your individual goals and aspirations
  • it will help your social and/or economic participation
  • it will provide value for money
  • it is effective and beneficial for you
  • it helps maintain your informal support
  • it is a responsibility of the NDIS to fund

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*Source: 2015 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia (abs.gov.au).


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