NDIS Worker Screening Check

Since 1 February 2021 a new NDIS worker screening process has been rolled out across all states and territories.

“An NDIS Check clearance is mandatory if you engage in a risk assessed role for a registered NDIS provider.”

When you are choosing a provider to access NDIS services it is beneficial to know that they do not present an unacceptable risk of harm to people with disability.

The new worker screening is a great way to protect and prevent people from experiencing the possibility of harm that could arise from the receiving quality or safe care and supports.

If your provider is yet to obtain a screening in WA it’s as easy as them logging onto their DoTDirect account and selecting NDIS in the top toolbar to start the application.

Find out more about applying for an NDIS Check here

What Is The NDIS Worker Screening Check?

NDIS Worker Screening Check is a process that examines the safety of a person who works or wants to work with people with disabilities. The screening process will determine if the said individual poses a risk to people with disabilities. According to the check results, this will be helpful to clear or prohibit particular personnel from working as NDIS service coordinators. Individual states and territories manage worker screening units. Registered NDIS providers are responsible for ensuring that workers involved in risk-assessed roles get clearance from the NDIS Screening Check.

What is the difference between a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check and an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

The main difference between the police check and the NDIS screening check is that the latter checks for more information besides a criminal record. A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is done at one point and includes all Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs) of a person in Australia.

Alternatively, the NDIS Worker Screening Check helps eradicate risks to people with disabilities from support providers. The NDIS check looks further into the risk factors than the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. It checks for criminal history, AVOs, workplace misconduct, juvenile offences and employment history. This screening is only necessary for people applying for NDIS roles.

Who requires an NDIS worker screening Check?

All individuals who want to work with the NDIS in caring for people with disability must undergo a worker screening check. The checks are done on a national level and act as a thumbs up for screened workers to provide support services in Australia.

Even a registered NDIS plan manager must ensure that workers in risk-assessed roles get clearance from the screening check. Unregistered providers can decide whether their workers should obtain the check or not. However, most unregistered providers encourage their workers to get clearance or checks to ensure they work safely with people with disabilities.


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