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Our NDIS Plan Managers Are Ready to Help You!

One of the most popular options of managing your NDIS funding is through plan management. This option gives you freedom of choice and close control over your NDIS funds. That is why many NDIS participants prefer it.

NDSP is a nationally registered NDIS provider specialising in plan management. Our team takes care of all the time-consuming administrative tasks of your NDIS plan. From bookkeeping to paying invoices, you can always rely on our NDIS plan management team. With us, you can benefit from your NDIS plan, instead of wasting all your time trying to navigate it alone.

Here is how our NDIS plan management team can help you:


Get the Full Advantage of Your NDIS Plan

Without experience, you can get lost in all the NDIS plan administrative work. That is why you need someone with the knowledge and skills to help you out. At NDSP, our plan management team is made up of knowledgeable stakeholders. They will provide you with an innovative NDIS plan management service.

All our staff are NDIS Experts. They are highly skilled and always ready to help you. Through our NDIS plan management, you will have unlimited access to our diverse skill set and accounting experience. Our plan management support will be available for you, even before your NDIS planning meeting.


Have More Freedom

The main purpose of NDIS is to get the necessary support to achieve your goals. Our plan management team will empower you to do that. We will take all the hassle and administrative burden off your shoulder. You will still have the freedom of choice and full control of self-managing your NDIS plan.

With no payments to follow or claims to manage, you will have more time to focus on your goals. You can rest assured our plan management team will always have your back. We ensure fast payment processing. All your invoices will be paid within three to five business days.


Keep Track of Your NDIS Funding

Handing us the management of your NDIS funds does not mean you will lose control. With us, you will be able to keep track of all the details regarding your NDIS plan. NAPPA, our NDIS plan management portal, works on any device. It will provide you with real-time budget access. You can see how your NDIS funds are allocated and check all your invoices in detail.


Increase Your Choice of Providers

Getting the right providers ensures you get the most out of your NDIS plan. Some participants prefer to continue working with their previous service providers. With our NDIS plan management services, you will have complete freedom in choosing your providers. Whether NDIS is registered or not, it does not matter. The choice is up to you.

NDIS plan management will not cost you anything. Our expenses can be added to your NDIS funding. Just make sure to request plan management in your NDIS meeting.


Get the most from your NDIS plan. Contact us now!



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