Play It On - social enterprise that provides funding to assist children from families that are financially challenged, to participate in their chosen sport

Play It On: Sports for Financially-Challenged Families

Not-for-profit enterprise Play It On strives to address the inequality experienced by young South Australians from low socio-economic backgrounds particularly with regard to accessing organised sport activities.

They give assistance to children in need by subsidising their sporting club fees. In order to fund their activities, Play It On mainly generates funds through the sale of donated second-hand sports equipment, clothing and footwear. They sell sporting gear at Gilles Plains clubhouse and via their online shop.

Fix & Load Program

Fix and Load program of Play It On

One of Play It On’s main program is Fix & Load. This is a 10-week program for young people with autism to help them develop basic work-readiness skills.

This course will build on the participants’ interpersonal and social skills. They will learn how to work cooperatively in teams, how to complete tasks, and how to handle problem solving. They will also learn about recycling, the circular economy, and e-commerce.

Participants will work in small teams of 6 with 2 youth support workers.

To learn more, register via email at admin@playiton.com.au or visit their website at playiton.com.au.



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