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Provider Spotlight: Kiddo – Providing disability supports for children

When it comes to finding care and support services for children with disabilities, the process can often feel overwhelming. Kiddo App is an app that provides numerous benefits for your child. With its focus on matching NDIS Support workers to your child’s specific needs and offering flexibility in care options, Kiddo App is a valuable resource for families with children who have a NDIS plan, that can be accessed through Core Funding.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of Kiddo and how it can support participants and children in their disability care journey.


Child focussed care

Kiddo App  uses a unique matching algorithm that connects families with NDIS Support workers who are local and ideally suited to their child’s needs. This approach ensures that your child receives the care they require, allowing them to thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment. Kiddo App prioritises child-focused care, providing families with peace of mind.


Flexibility and Last-minute care options

Life can be unpredictable and there may be occasions when families require last-minute care arrangements. Kiddo understands the need for flexibility and addresses this by offering options for quick and convenient care arrangements. Whether it’s a sudden change in plans or an urgent need for support, Kiddo empowers families to find suitable  Support workers promptly, providing the necessary flexibility to meet their child’s evolving needs.


Beneficial for families with multiple children

One of the unique advantages of Kiddo is its provision of babysitting and ongoing care services are also available to children who don’t have a NDIS plan. This is particularly beneficial for families with multiple children or those who are still awaiting a diagnosis for their child. Kiddo acknowledges the diverse needs of families and strives to support them comprehensively.

If your child doesn’t have a NDIS plan, you will need to cover the cost yourself like you would with a regular babysitter/care giver.


Convenient and secure care arrangements

Using Kiddo to find care for children living with disability is incredibly convenient. The user-friendly interface allows families to input desired dates, choose from available NDIS Support workers, and let Kiddo handle the rest. Additionally, Kiddo ensures the security of care arrangements by conducting necessary ID and Working with Children Checks for all support workers, giving families peace of mind.


Kiddo has emerged as a valuable resource for participants and children  providing tailored support and flexibility in care options.


If you are looking to join the Kiddo family, it is completely free to download and join! Register here.



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