The Date-Ability Project - a male and female who are intimate with each other

Provider Spotlight: The Date-Ability Project

In this day and age, it can still be daunting for some to discuss topics that are generally considered taboo, such as sex education and dating. NDIS participants sometimes are placed in particularly more vulnerable positions where the risks of being scammed, taken advantage of, or violated, are extremely high.

First Step Solutions’ Date-Ability program aims to help NDIS participants gain skills, confidence and opportunities to find meaningful relationships while ensuring the participants’ full safety in the process.

Developed and facilitated by psychologists, counsellors & sexologists, Date-Ability participants will be provided guidance and education around:

  • Boundaries and consent
  • Self awareness and advocacy
  • Types of relationships and interpersonal skills
  • Staying safe online and online dating and scams
  • Sexual wellbeing and hygiene

With a relaxed, engaging and fun learning environment, participants will take part in games and activities relating to various topics. Counsellors are also present throughout these group activities to offer guidance, listening ears and encouragement.

Aside from the Date-Ability program, First Step Solutions also offers other services including: financial literacy programs, relationship skill counselling, ‘Mates before Dates’ (speed dating style event), and Cliq Connection (an online platform to support people with disability to find friends and connections). Visit their website to learn more: fs-solutions.com.au.

Participants are able to fund the Date-Ability Project using their Capacity or Core budgets in their NDIS plan. For those who wish to learn if they have the budget to access and fund this program in their NDIS plan, give NDSP Plan Managers a call at 1800 63 63 77. 


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