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Tommy Hilfiger – The Inclusive Clothing Ranges

You know the name, but did you know the famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has multiple clothing ranges designed specifically for people with a disability?

As an overview, the clothes are designed to make them more easily wearable for people who use wheelchairs and/or people with prosthetics, movement limitations and other considerations. Magnetic closures, Velcro fastenings and wrist loops make clothes easier to pull on and wear, leg openings are large enough to accommodate braces and orthotics, and magnetic zippers can be fastened with one hand!

Mr. Hilfiger has previously been part of a range of children’s wear working with Runway of dreams aimed at making mainstream clothing for children with a disability. But this particular range was Tommy’s first adult collection – in fact collectionS!

There are 34 pieces in the menswear range, aptly named “Adaptive Men”, which you can scope out here: https://usa.tommy.com/en/men-tommy-adaptive

And 37 pieces in the womenswear range, similarly titled “Adaptive Women”, which you can check out on his website here: https://usa.tommy.com/en/women-tommy-adaptive

At a glance, the clothing looks no different to the brand’s regular releases, but on closer inspection you’ll note distinct differences in their design that make them “adaptive” as such… For example there’s a “jegging” that looks like a pair of stylish jeans, but thanks to the pull-on setup make them much more accessible to the wearer – they just pull on.

Even without going through each piece in the range, you quickly begin to see the positives in what the brand is doing here … No longer are people with a disability limited to what’s available in more standard clothing ranges, there is now a truly designer option.

It’s also worth mentioning the children’s range and the positives surrounding it … Generally speaking, the clothing is easier to put on and wear for the wearer, but for the children’s range, the parent has also been considered. By this we mean, if you’re a parent and have a disability, you’ll no doubt have experienced some trouble dressing a fast moving child, and the Tommy Hilfiger range is designed to help in that department.

Closures and all manner of considerations have been addressed in the range, helping disabled parents dress their child with style and relative ease, while also considering a child who might be dealing with dressing themselves.

Bravo to the Tommy team. If nothing else for placing the disabled community at the front of mind when considering something so fundamental to human life, but also making fancy clothes available to a community who may not otherwise be able to wear or access them! Aside from that, the awareness that a brand like Tommy Hilfiger brings to the world at large can’t be overlooked. If a clothing brand so famous as TH is creating adaptive ranges like these, who knows what the effect may be, or who might be next!

Exciting (and nice looking) times ahead.

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